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X Appeal; reimagining the Scully look...

1.18 Miracle Man

There's no real reason for this post; I've just finished rewatching my first season boxset of The X Files and am feeling Dana Scully's 90s makeup, and my favourite is the 60s-collides-with-the-90s matte look her character wore regularly in the second half of season one.

I bought the I ❤️ Chocolate palette by I ❤️ Makeup recently and used Scully's 60s/90s mashup look as inspiration for one of the demo EOTD photos that will be featured with my near-future review of the  I ❤️ Chocolate eyeshadow palette. I loved the look I did and have been rewearing it a lot, so I felt like posting it here.

I guess that you can consider this post as a I ❤️ Chocolate palette teaser...

1.24 The Erlenmeyer Flask

Say hi to the I ❤️ Chocolate palette 

For this simple look I just used the matte shade that most matched my skintone, for me that is Thank Friday, on my lids and blended it into the crease. I then used a liner brush to cut my crease using the next darkest matte shade, for me that is One More Piece, and then dabbing a pencil brush into the shadow & softening the sharp arch out a bit (to match Scully's work-appropriate look the line should barely be visible when your eyes are open). I widened my crease on the end of my inner lid as I felt it made my eyes look bigger and more alert. I then stopped the arch abruptly for a bit of a more severe look, as Scully usually looked stressed/tired/annoyed during the early years. True; this probably had more to do with Mulder dragging her all over the U.S to look for little green men then it did her makeup, but [shrugs] whatever. I'm going with what I noticed the most. Yeah - the inner end of my crease arch looked a bit kicked up then usual and could have done with beeing blended, but that's how I wore my eyeshadow that day, so there didn't seem to be a point in me redoing my makeup and retaking photos purely for blog post which didn't really need writing.
Sometimes Scullly had the crease shade smudged into the outer V of her łid and sometimes she didn't, so that step is down to the wearers preference - I prefer it without filling in the outer V myself, that's how I did it for the photos and most of the other times that I wear this look. Another thing I usually leave out is eyeliner; most days I keep my makeup routine quick and simple so don't bother with it unless I have something going on and want to feel a bit more 'made up and put together.

Next; line the lower lashline with the shade that you used to line above the crease with. I kicked it out very slightly at the outer edge, to make my eyes look larger. You can join the crease arch up with the lowerlash line if you want as Scully sometimes appeared to wear it that way (the lighting on the show was crap), but I prefer not to as it would close up my eyes.

To finish; I used the matte powder highlight shade in the palette (You Need Love) between my creasline and eyebrow. This step isn't a must as I didn't notice Scully's character wear highlight shades, but I feel that a matte highlight shade neatens the crease lines out without looking too 'fake'.

I love blush; my face is so colourless that adding a nice glow to it is as much a makeup must-have to me as mascara, and the eye makeup is neutrel & unobtrusive that any colour would work well on the cheeks and I usually favour pink or peachy shades which have some shimmer in to liven up my pasty face. 

However for those wanting a classic Scully look should remember that the show started in the early 90s when matte shades reigned supreme, and 'girlie' shades in clothes and makeup for her conservative professional character were also avoided. Actually I noticed that bronzer appeared to be used most often, but if (like me) bronzer is maybe too harsh on your skin in this colder weather, a dusky plum or mauve matte blush were also shades that I noticed.

I wore a very light dusting of a mauve blush on the day that I took photos (it is a NARS blush -no shade name on the palette).

Like with the blush, anything I usually pull out of my makeup bag goes with this eye look on a daily basis, but staying in theme; matte and not-too-light-and-girlie best describes the lip shades Scully wore most often. Shades of brown-based nudes, or muted rose were the most common shades to see on her, but she did wear a leaning-towards-orange coral shade quite a bit too later in the season.

For the photos I'm wearing Kat Von D Whiskey Woman - a lipstick shade that was only available in a Christmas set a few years ago. Not very helpful of me I know, but it's a perfect matte pinky/red shade that's perfect for this look. 

The 'I ❤️ Chocolate' palette is £7.99
I ❤️ Makeup cosmetics are sold in Superdrug stores in the UK.

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