Wednesday, 8 October 2014

(Send it) With Love by Paris Hilton...

The new Parlux/Paris Hilton edp will focus on top notes of green apple, bergamot and kiwi. The middle notes are composed around wild jasmine, orchid and lily-of-the-valley. The base notes are mixed woodsy notes and musk.

This 2014 release is said to be more adult in comparison to Paris' earlier perfumes, and it is "dedicated to Paris Hilton's fans around the world". 

With Love will be released in 50ml and 100ml bottles.

Not bad. When I read about With Love I wasn't like "oh wow" as it doesn't sound groundbreaking or anything too exciting, but it does sound like a pleasant 'every day' casual perfume that should be pretty versatile [based on the scent notes].

Parlux does make well made perfumes for a reasonable price (they also make Rihanna's, Jessica Simpsons, Jay Z's, Kenneth Cole's, and the older Guess ones), and whilst the Paris Hilton perfumes haven't all amazed me none of them (17 now) have been totally unlikeable.

No official word on the release date for With Love yet, so I'll assume that the U.S. Release is any time now.

I don't think that the Paris Hilton perfumes are sold on the UK high street any more, but I still wanted to post a heads up as various UK sites, including Amazon, do offer all of her releases; we just have to wait a month or two. But when they do filter through, the price is usually very low.

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