Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Fancy a bite? (Trying out Vampire lipstick by Beauty UK)...

Do you ever buy something because you like the shade name? Say hello to exhibit 100.000,001 for me...

I wanted a red lipstick to go with my black as-yet-unworn skull and rose adorned dress that I'm planning to wear to the Lady Gaga concert next week, and as I thought the name of my chosen shade is very fitting for Halloween month, I thought I'd share my thoughts on it here.

I regularly look for a low priced red lipstick, as I don't feel confident in red, but think that if I one day find a shade that flatters both my small mouth shape AND very thin upper lip, I'll rather like the classic look. anyway; I bought this one because I remember Samantha Chapman from Pixiwoo mentioning it in a video about her favourite red lipsticks a while ago, and I admire her makeup looks. And, as she has fair skin too, I thought there was a fair chance that Vampire might work for me.

I wanted to write a brief blog post because I couldn't find the info and pics online that I wanted for this lipstick before I bought it, and I wanted to put the details out there for someone else who might look for it.

Beauty UK's lipstick in the shade Vampireq is R-E-D, wallflowers need not apply. On me it applies as a bright shade of crimson, but I've found that the bright tones dry down slightly to a raspberry shade after a few hours wear; I think that this is because the finish to the lipstick is very creamy and moisturizing.

But the creamy formula also means that the lipstick is easy to distribute evenly during application, and hasn't had a drying effect on my lips. The lasting power is average for a lipstick; four to five hours, depending on food or drink. No less and no worse then other brands. 

I've had no problems with the packaging - it is secure and doesn't look 'cheap'.

Beauty UK cosmetics are sold in Superdrug stores.

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