Saturday, 4 October 2014

The Bargain Hunter: leafy stuff...

Another day, another bargain...

I didn't particularly want any new earrings, so I just ordered these out of curiosity (the product image on Amazon is solely of a teal gift pouch).  I didn't have any real expectations for these to live up to, but it's turned out that I love them; I'm likely to order more as Christmas presents...

They're a leaf shape about 4" long and 2" at the widest point, with a open lattice design. Because of the size I was worried that they may be heavy, but they’re nice & light and haven’t discoloured my skin.

They're silver coloured and the hook part does bear a hallmark, but is it real? I doubt it, but for a grand total of £1.10p [60p for the product & 50p postage) I'm not going to lose any sleep over it.

Order yours, or check out the customer reviews here.

My order took two weeks to arrive (13 days to be precise), and arrived in a teal pouch labelled Tiffany & Co; clearly fake, so if you want to buy a pair (or three) as a gift, place your order in plenty of time and get a box or pouch to present them in separately.

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