Friday, 10 October 2014

Getting in with INNI: my indroduction to nail wraps with INNI...

I've never tried nail wraps before because it struck me as something that would be tricky to do, so I didn't want to waste my money. However I have recently been looking at different brands and debating finally trying some as I want something that lasts longer then polish, so I was delighted to get the opportunity to try some sample designs by INNI.

What sets INNI apart from other nail wrap brands is that in addition to selecting one of the many great designs in the site's gallery that other INNI customers have designed, is that you also use the site's 'studio' paint programme to design and paint the exact design you want, and/or upload any photo you want and convert your custom design into nail wraps.

My wraps are samples, but the Grey textured design is very similar...

Before starting I used a cottonball soaked in nail polish remover to make sure that my nails were clean, then I sat at the kitchen table, took a deep breath and began...

To apply my nail wraps I simply peeled the best size of the  sheet (you get 30 per sheet) and placed it onto my nail; applying the bottom of the wrap right above my cuticle line. The wrap is pre-glued, so be careful to apply it neatly.

I bent the wrap excess firmly down over my nail tips, and then filed over the tip using a downwards motion. The wrap excess will then neatly tear off.

That's it, all done - no need to add any topcoat or hang around waiting for the glue to dry.

Days 1 to 4

I thought that there wasn't any point in taking multiple photos during these days as the wraps showed zero signs of wear; washing pots and showering had no effect on the looks of the design, or on the stickiness of the wrap glue.

* the small ragged edge on my ring finger was my own fault, nothing to do with the quality of the wrap - I was impatient and tried tearing off the excess material without filing it fully. Lesson learnt.

Day 5

Showering and washing didn't make any difference to the appearance or wear of the wrap, but after washing my hair I noticed the first signs of wear to the wrap - it looked a lot like when you start to experience tip wear on regular manicures. You couldn't really see the wear from a distance, and I still received compliments on my nails.

There was no difference in the stickiness of the wrap glue; the fit of the wraps was still straight and secure.

Day 8

On the afternoon of my eighth day of wear I noticed a small tear on the tip of one nail, so I decided to see how easy removed of the wraps was...

In one word: easy. I just filed the very tip of my nail in a upwards motion until the wrap edges became ragged, pulled a ragged piece upwards and the whole wrap came easily off. I then used a cottonwool ball soaked in polish remover (I use a acetone free one) to remove the remaining traces of the wrap glue from my nails.


What more can I say, other then I loved my introduction to nail wraps and am keen to try more? They are easy and quick to apply;  no basecoat, no smell, no hanging round waiting for a polish to dry, no topcoat, and no smudges or chips. This is something that you can do easily at home, without help. I spent around five minutes doing each nail.

Also; nipping into Boots or Superdrug and buying a nail polish from a drugstore brand costs more then simply buying yourself a sheet of INNI wraps and skipping the polish pitfalls that I just mentioned. 

As you can tell by many of my blogposts I love nail polish and like taking the time to paint my nails, but I do plan on using wraps again; my nails are weak and peelprone, and I found that the wraps protected them from the usual bumps and scrapes they're subjected to. And now that I've removed the wraps my nails do appear to be a bit stronger too.

As with all of my nail polish reviews; I use a self powered wheelchair, so I'm hard on my hands and am forever catching my nails. Therefore my nail polish etc shows wear faster in comparison to an able-bodied person.

Look out for my future posts as I have another sample set of INNI nail wraps to try. Plus I'm so pleased with the ease of application and wearability of these, that I've made an account at and plan on making my own designs to buy and try.

Pre-designed AND self-designed wraps cost just £5.90 for a sheet of 30 wraps.

INNI offer free worldwide postage on their products.

Check out the INNI site here.
Sign up for INNI Mobile's Kickstarter campaign here.

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