Monday, 20 October 2014

Ideal Flawless CC cream by Avon...

For reference: I mainly use Revlon foundations - Photoready in Vanilla, and Nearly Naked in Ivory. For the Revlon Photoready BB Cream I wear Light. I also enjoy Avon's Ideal Flawless foundation, for which I wear the shade Light Pink.

I have very dry skin so the formula of this CC Cream impressed me - it feels very light & silky on my skin and blending is super easy. Once blended, the results are a smooth satin finish, with a nice glow. However what makes this CC cream stand out above many others is the surprisingly good coverage it has - I have Revlon Nearly Naked light/medium coverage foundation and I think that the coverage with this is almost as good as that. 

This won't cover my hormonal breakouts, but my main problem is discolouration and redness around my cheeks, which this product evens out. It even reduces the appearance of my pores AND undereye circles too. I've found it to be transfer resistant, long lasting even worn without primer or powder, and it doesn't settle in my fine lines. 

It does feel fairly hydrating, but I have noticed a little bit of flaking around my nose - I do have severely dry and sensitive skin right now though, and the amount of flaking is less then I suffer from with foundations. 

I think the packing is very user-friendly; It's in a squeezable, slim tube, so you can squeeze all of the product out. Plus; it's a ideal size for small bags and the lid is very secure.

                                              before                                                      after 
(Without any powders or concealor)

Without primer, concealor, or any powder; I felt that the CC cream lasted on my [dry] skin for around six hours without any touchups. Much better results then with my experiences with tinted moisturizers, which fade away within four.

                                         before                                         after 
(set with Revlon Nearly Naked pressed powder)

When set with powder I find this CC cream to wear for around eight hours, which impressed me as I don't feel that foundations wear that much longer on me anyway...

At the end of the day I'm still unsure just how much I like this CC cream; it's a nice light-feeling product that balances out most of my skin's redness without irritating the dry patches, and it wears almost as long as a traditional foundation. However my cheaper BB cream pretty much matches it's proformance whilst adding moisture to my very dried skin, so I whilst I've been fairly impressed by Flawless Match I haven't been wowed by it.

I'm certainly happy enough to keep on using it, but I don't see myself rebuying it.

Ideal Flawless CC cream is £12 and can be ordered from a door-to-door Avon representative, or through their site here.

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