Thursday, 1 October 2015

Give me the stars; Taylor Made of Starlight edp by Taylor Swift...

Taylor By Taylor Swift Made Of Starlight is a limited edition of Taylor By Taylor Swift, that was released in 2014,
I really like the original edition of Taylor by Taylor Swift, however my eyesight has been getting worse, which makes my migraines worse, with the result being that that is one of the perfume's that I can no longer wear as it can set of my migraines. I was therefore very interested in trying the Made Of Starlight edition as I wanted to see if it would be lighter in comparison to the original, but I don't think it was ever released in the UK, as I checked various shops for month's after reading about the release and never found it...

But now, over a year later, I've found an eBay seller who has the perfume in stock for under £20 [including shipping]. Was the wait and long search worth it, or is this a mistake-buy?

The apricot is the strongest fruit note on me - well, I say strongest, but it is still pretty soft. The peach is listed as a base note, but develops straight away on me and lasts throughout the entire fragrance. The overall feel of the opening is fresh and sparkly, which I guess is the addition of the passion fruit and mandarin leaves.

The floral notes used are powdery and give the perfume a vintage feel, but are all together milder than the original Taylor. The honeysuckle is the strongest floral note on me, and the only other floral note that I'm sure I can separate is the orange blossom.

After another few hours the fragrance turns slightly creamier as a airy vanilla note develops. The combined powderiness of the floral notes & fuzzy fruits linger throughout the base too, and softly fade away with the airy sweetness, wood and musk base notes.

Official scent notes: apricot, passion fruit, green mandarin leaves, osmanthus, sweet honeysuckle, orange blossom, musk, peach and precious wood.

I wouldn't say that Made Of Starlight is 'wow', but I prefer this to the original edition of Taylor, as it is milder. If [like me] you are prone to migraines, then the original edition can be hard to wear, but this subtler edition is easy to wear, has decent longevity, and can be worn most of the year, so I think it is worth picking up.

I've never seen the perfume in the high street or UK-based retail sites, but you can order it from eBay for £16.72 [plus £7.27 postage from Germany].
Delivery took 5 days for me.

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