Monday, 26 October 2015

Are they dupes? Harvest Moon by China Glaze vs Autumn by Zoya...

Well, this is going to be a short post as you can tell straightaway that the two polishes won't be dupes, but as its now autumn I thought I'd still go ahead and compare these two gorgeous seasonal shades to see just how similar the shades are once applied, as well as how the two formulas compare.

The China Glaze polish can be bought for over half of the price of the Zoya one - so if the colours and formulas are close enough, then you can see if you just want buy the cheaper option and save yourself some money...

The two polishes are different shades, but they both have the same metallic finish. Harvest Moon has more cool copper in the base, whilst Autumn leans towards a warmer bronze. 

The shades are different enough to justify buying both if you really enjoy these kinds of shades, but are the formulas worth the splurge?

In one word; yep. LOL; I planned on this post showing that you could save some money by buying the China Glaze and then not needing to get the Zoya, but guys... The shades are different enough to justify buying both, and BOTH formulas are excellent. 

Both polishes apply smooth [any bumps in the photos are due to topcoat issues], dry within two minutes, and are opaque and streak-free on the second coat.

I can't pick which polish I like more between them; I'll say that it's up to whether you would prefer a cool-tone [China Glaze] or a warm-tone [Zoya], though I think both would look good with any skintone.

China Glaze                                                            Zoya


Below are the links to buy the polishes though Amazon UK, which is where I bought mine from:
Zoya Autumn for £10.50
China Glaze Harvest Moon for £3.99 [+ 99p postage]

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