Monday, 19 October 2015

Is it time for the fantasy to grow up? Fantasy Intimate Edition edp by Britney Spears...

Elizabeth Arden describe the latest perfume release in the Fantasy line as being very intriguing, sensual and romantic. It's aimed at women "who celebrate their beauty & cherish their fantasies", and the scent is meant to "cuddle the skin and make fantasies come to life".

I've worn Fantasy since it was released, but I've just turned 32 and don't feel confident wearing it any more as I keep smelling it on younger, trendier people. Does Fantasy Intimate manage to retain enough elements to Fantasy, yet also be more mature in comparison to appeal to us older fans of the Fantasy perfume?

The fragrance opens with fruity notes, so it has the same feel as the original Fantasy. But there is a definite difference between the two perfumes at the same time as the sweet citrus-lead fruits are subtle and fresh, rather then the bold Jolly Rancher type fruity notes of the original version.

The combination of powdery floral notes pretty much smells like the original Fantasy to my nose; this edition just removes the heavier sweetness of the white chocolate and lingering jammy fruit from the original. I'm not familiar with genet, but there is something airy and similar to musk mixed in with the florals, is this genet?

The benzoin begins to build in the heart and develops fully in the base, where it combines with a fresh hit of soft ambery vanilla, sandalwood, and mild musk, providing a lovely cocooning warmth that seems to whisper "come closer" to others like the original Fantasy does - minus the heavier cake note. I can't separate any brown sugar, even though most people think that's the strongest note in Fantasy Intimate.

Official scent notes; litchi, violet leaf, lemon, ozone notes, lily of the valley, jasmine, brown sugar, genet, vanilla, heliotrope, Laos benzoin and sensual white musk.

I first tried this at an airport and, although close to the skin, it lasted for the eight hour flight, collecting my suitcase, and another hour travelling to my hotel. That 9+ hours was enough for me to buy a Fantasy Intimate gift-set when I got home again - it's got the same things that appeal to me in Fantasy, but it's softer, less syrupy, and generally less in your face than the original.

It's great to see that team Spears has realised that neither she or the core followers of her Fantasy fragrance range are teenagers any more. 

30ml - £23
50ml - £30
100ml - £40

There is also a gift-set available for Christmas - £24

Contents; 30ml edp, 120ml body oil (if Boots have any of the gift-sets left in the post xmas sale I'm going to buy a couple because the body oil is brilliant).

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