Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Bargain Hunter: Silver-toned pumpkin necklace, on a infinity-style chain...

As it's Halloween month there is no better time to share one of my recent finds; a infinity necklace, which has a pumpkin pendant on.

I wear the necklace with the pumpkin pulled close to the infinity knot as I have big boobs, so the pendant would be lost between them if I pulled the chain tighter. A shame as I would like to wear it with the pendant dangling, but if you have a smaller chest you get to choose how to wear it.

Being silver-toned makes this piece of costume jewellery more conservative - at least I think it does. The eBay seller has this style of necklace with over a dozen other different pendants to choose from, so if you like the necklace style, you have various pendant options to choose from.

They can all be seen & bought here, for 99p each (free post).
Delivery took two weeks to arrive (from China), and arrived in a plastic baggie. So if you want to buy one as a gift, order it in plenty of time and get a box or pouch to present the ring in separately.

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