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Tag: All About Polish...

I haven't actually been tagged for this; over the last week I've been watching videos by some of my favourite YouTube bloggers as they've been taking part in this tag [Including Jess], and I decided to jump onboard and answer it myself today because I'm bored I have some free time to thrill people with my insightful answers...

1. What is you favourite nail polish finish (eg. creme, crelly, glitter, etc)?

I love the crisp, clean look of creme polishes, and wear them most often. I've found that I've been reaching for shimmers and glass flecks [same thing really] more often, recently.

2. What is your favourite “pretty ugly” shade?

My favourite is China Glaze Zombie Zest [left]; a murky yellow-tinged green microglitter, in a brown jelly base. It is from the 2010 Halloween collection, and is one of those shades I don't wear much anymore, as I don't want to use it all up as it is hard [and expensive] to get in the UK.
I got It's Alive! [Halloween 2011] this year, and it is the slightly darker olive version of ZZ, and that is becoming a favourite too. Perfect colours for this time of year.

3. Which polish in your collection is the most sentimental to you?

I really like nail polishes, but I wouldn't say that I'm that attached to them; I'll go for Nails inc Pall Mall [I couldn't find it for photos], as that what was used in my first professional mani, and was my first higher end polish purchase.

4. If you could go back in time and buy any collection, what would it be?

Thanks to eBay I can and do track down most polishes that I really want, but the holographic polish collection from China Glaze, the OMG! collection, is very hard to get; I've got my hands on two polishes from that collection, but they were heavily used when I got them, so they're another two polishes to add to the " don't wear much, as I don't want to use it all up" list.

I've yet to find polishes from China Glaze's earlier holographic collection, the Kaleidoscope Collection; well I did see a used one on eBay a while ago, but bidding went crazy expensive for what it was, so I left it alone.

5. What is your go-to “all occasion” polish?

I recently got OPI's Cool Pink Nail Envy in a eBay bundle and love it; a great nail hardener, and one-coat-to-be-opaque light pink shade in one bottle. I wear it alone, under glitters/crackles, and as a base coat for pink, red, coral and purple polish.

6. What items are essential to your nail care routine?

I can't push or trim my cuticles - the  sensation makes me feel sick, so I'll go for cuticle removing cream. My skin and nails are very dry, so a nail oil (I like OPI Avoplex) Is important to me too.

As a former nail biter my nails are weak and break a lot, so I usually have nail growth and strengthening treatments on hand too.

7. What is your favourite “newly discovered” brand (indie or mainstream)?
Pretty Serious

I've now bought a few Pretty Serious polishes [which I've wanted to do for a while], and now want more [I'm currently waiting for a delivery of five polishes from them; their new le shade, and 4 from their newest collection].

Gorgeous non-trend shades, and long lasting wear-time. The brand is my new obsession.

8. What is your go-to “bad ass” colour (the colour that makes you feel sexiest or most bad ass)?

I like dark red/burgundy wine shades. I don't have a go-to shade or finish, but my current favorite wine polish is the shimmery Essie Vintage Wine.

 At the start of the year I won a pick-up-only eBay bundle of 97 (yep - just short of 100) bottles of Essie polish for £10, and Vintage Wine is one of my newly discovered loves from it. Blacks and dark gray shades are good too, but yeah, wine shades are my most worn ones.

9. Indie or Mainstream?

For the most part I'll go with mainstream, as I prefer to spend my money on brands that I know work for me (eg OPI, China Glaze). However (thanks to Pretty Serious and eBay) I'm dipping my toes into the magical land of Indie brands, so this could be the start of a brave new world...

10. Which brand’s collections do you most look forward to?

Hmm, I'll go with China Glaze, as they try new things more often. Their Halloween and Christmas ranges are the two collections I look forward to the most out of any brand, as while they'll include some classic seasonal shades, they'll also think outside of the box too, so they tend to stand out [to me].

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