Sunday, 1 November 2015

Getting lippie: Studded Lipstick in Backstage Bambi by Kat Von D...

As I'm sure everyone who is into makeup already knows at this point, you can now buy certain products (no polish or perfumes) on the Sephora website and have them shipped internationally.  
I first got Backstage Bambi in a mini size as part of a set years ago on one of my trips to New York, and wore it to death. I bought a full sized one on my last NYC trip a few months ago, and as we can get the Kat Von D lip products delivered to us,  I thought that now I could share a review for it.

BACKSTAGE BAMBI is a matte, hot pink - and by hot pink I mean fluorescent. I think that this shade is quite similar to MAC's much sought after LE shade Candy Yum Yum.

  I love that the matte lipsticks by Kat Von D all seem to have a long-lasting finish that dries like a stain. I put in on in the mornings, eat and drink, but colour is still on my lips up to six hours later - there is no feathering, no transfer on cups, and the colour still looks even. My lips are dry, but the formula doesn't flake.


Backstage Bambi is $21 [£14.43], and can be ordered & shipped internationally on the Sephora website.

My Puppy (Eric) 'playfully nipped' me on the nose, hence the cut in the photos

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