Monday, 21 September 2015

NOTD: Cackle If You Want To by China Glaze [with Superstition by Illamasqua]

So far the polishes I've shown you from China Glaze's Ghouls Night Out Halloween collection have been pretty, but they've not exactly screamed "Halloween is coming". But today I want to share the one that I think is the best of both world's; you can make wonderful spooky Mani combos with this, and (as my photos show) it is easy to use day-to-day the rest of the year round too.

Cackle If You Want To is described as being a "a spooky purple and black glitter". In the bottle it looks like a full-coverage polish, but it's actually a topper; it is made up of various sized matte black and purple hex glitters. It is made more unique by the purple hexes - they have lilac stripes running through them.

I'm usually not overly fond of China Glaze's 'confetti' style glitter toppers as the ones I've tried are usually base-heavy, but the formula for this is great. The hexes are plentiful, so I don't have to fish any of them out of the bottle, or tip the bottle upside down. The hexes apply fairly evenly and smoothly [you do have to place the larger pieces into place], and the base is quick to dry. Like most do, this topper adds about two days to the life of my manicure too.

Superstition is a lovely fuchsia shade, with a creme finish. For me it's a anytime/anywhere year-round staple, that's overtook Ciaté's Playdate and become my favorite pink polish. It has the typical Illamasqua formula; it only takes two butter smooth coats to become opaque, And it is quick drying and hard-wearing. 
I don't think Illamasqua sell Superstition anymore, so you'll have to keep checking eBay or TK Maxx for it. Sorry - I'd picked it to use in this post because I thought they still made it.


I think that Cackle If You Want To looks good over the green and orange shades in the Ghouls Night Out collection, for a more Halloweeny look. It doesn't really work over the purple polish as that is the same shade as the purple glitter, so It just blends too well, with the result being that the polish just looks lumpy.

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You can order Cackle If You Want To from Nail Polish Direct for £4.50 [free postage].

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