Sunday, 13 September 2015

NOTD: Looking Bootiful by China Glaze...

Today we're taking a closer look at the polish in China Glaze's Halloween 2015 [Ghouls Night Out] collection that I thought would be the safest bet that I'd love - the purple one.
Purples and blues are the colours that draw me in when I see pictures or bottles of them on store shelves, so I was confident that I'd love Looking Bootiful. But does the formula live up to my expectations?

Looking Bootiful is described as being a "mysterious neon purple creme". Immediately you'll know that this shade won't be a neon; neon shades have a glows-in-the-shadows quality that purple is just too dark of a colour to achieve. However whilst this shade isn't bright bright, it does have a luminous tinge to it, so that you can clearly see that it is a true purple - you won't ever mistake this shade as black, burgundy, navy, violet or blue.
This polish is the one with the thinnest formula in this year's Halloween collection - it's more of a crelly then a creme - which I know will put some people off, but I personally prefer it to Lady And The Vamp's thicker one. The first coat can be a bit streaky, but it evens out and is fully opaque within three coats. Not amazing, but as the colour is awesome I still recommend it.

Looking Bootiful looks great paired with Something's Brewing from the Ghouls Night Out glitter topper selection, and works better than I thought it would with Ghostess With The Mostess too. I'm not fond of it under Cackle If You Want To though - it is the same shade as the purple glitter, so just hides it.

[l- r]
Ghostess With The Mostess 
Cackle If You Want To
Something's Brewing


eBay is your best bet for buying 'Ghouls Night Out polishes - either individual shades or as a set, as UK sites still hadn't begun to stock the collection when I posted this.


Ready for his closeup...

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