Tuesday, 8 September 2015

NOTD: Lady And The Vamp by China Glaze...

Today we're continuing the look into the individual polishes in the China Glaze Ghouls Night Out Halloween 2015 collection. 
Since I started off with a creme shade that I wanted to have because the name of it appealed to me the most, I've decided to stick with the cremes and take a deeper look at the shade that appealed to me the least...

Was I right to be wary, or did Lady And The Vamp turn out to be a pleasant surprise?

Lady And The Vamp is described as a "pumpkin neon orange creme". The shade on my nails is actuate to that 'neon orange creme' description, but I'm not sure that it qualifies as a 'pumpkin' shade; when I looked over the 50+ photos I took of this shade for the blog I saw that it photographed with a lovely red undertone, but in real life I'm not so sure - the undertone leans more on the pink side, making the shade seem summery rather than the autumnal undertone that I'd expect from a polish with such a description. Still, it's less harsh then a straight up orange, so that is a bonus.

If  you are looking for a neon orange polish, then the formula for this is good; this polish has the thickest formula in this collection, but it's not very hard to work with. Two to three coats [depending on how much polish you like on your brush during application], with no white base necessary. The polish dries quickly and I haven't had any problems with bubbles, or streaks. 
I personally wouldn't say that you need to rush out and get this as the shade isn't what was expected and I don't see myself wearing it too often, but I'm not a big orange polish wearer at the best of times. 

The best thing about Lady And The Vamp is that it works really well as a base for all three of this year's glitter shades, so if you really enjoy toppers and plan on picking up the ones in the Ghouls Night Out, then this polish is worth buying.

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Something's Brewing
Ghostess With The Mostess
Cackle If You Want To


eBay is your best bet for buying 'Ghouls Night Out polishes - either individual shades or as a set, as UK sites still hadn't begun to stock the collection when I posted this

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