Friday, 25 September 2015

NOTD: Something's Brewing by China Glaze [with Earl Gray by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure]...

I thought that I'd save the most Halloweeny polish in the Ghouls Night Out collection for my final post on China Glaze's Halloween 2015 range...

Something's Brewing is described as being a "monstrous green and black glitter".
Like Cackle If You Want To, it looks like a full-coverage polish in the bottle, but it's actually a topper. It is made up of various sized matte black and yellowish green hex glitters. This is definitely the most Halloweeny-looking polish in this year's collection - I think it looks like mold particles on your nails, so it is perfect for a Halloween collection. However, for me at least, it is the least versatile polish in this year's range.


The formula for this is great like the other glitters in the Ghouls Night Out collection, not the usual China Glaze base-heavy glitter topper mix. The hexes are plentiful, so I don't have to fish any of them out of the bottle, or tip the bottle upside down. The hexes apply fairly evenly and smoothly [you do have to place the larger pieces into place], and the base is quick to dry. Like most do, this topper adds about two days to the life of my manicure too.


Earl Grey is a very light gray creme shade, that only takes two coats to become fully opaque - in fact the pigmentation is so good that it is nearly a one coater. The formula is on the thick side, so a few brush strokes can usually still be seen after the polish dries. So a separate topcoat is needed with this to smooth it out, despite the Complete Salon Manicure range's claim of not needing a separate topcoat as the characteristics of one are included in the formula. Despite this downside, I still recommend picking up this shade - it is a less harsh alternative to white, and it wears very well.

Earl Gray has been discontinued, but can still be found on Amazon and eBay. It is worth checking your local branches of Pound World too; some stores have started stocking Complete Salon Manicure polishes.


I think Something's Brewing looks pretty good over all of the cremes in the Ghouls Night Out collection - even the green one. I suppose layering it over light grey is a 'everyday' look if the colours in the glitter are your cup of tea - just because I think of yellowish green as 'Halloween only' doesn't mean you should too...

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You can order Something's Brewing from Nail Polish Direct for £4.50 [free postage].

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