Tuesday, 1 September 2015

No limit: Limited Edition Anniversary Fragrance by Paris Hilton...

The Paris Hilton/Parlux fragrance partnership was created and launched in 2005 and, despite Paris herself not being an overly popular public figure, her perfume range has continuously grown and has gone on to sell really well [over $1 billion] and has gained largely favorable reviews with the public. Her self-named debut perfume is considered the range's best by most people, and is the basis for what we'll be looking at today... 

For the tenth birthday of her debut perfume's release Parlux has launched a limited edition version; the new anniversary edition promises to "embody Paris Hilton’s original essence with an intensified, more concentrated version of her signature scent, Paris Hilton for Women".
Can this new edition stand up against the well-made original? Is this just the original version repackaged?? 
Lets find out...

The apple and peach are much more apparent here compared to the orange-lead fruit notes in the original edition. Overall this reminds me more of the Sheer edition (a limited edition from around 2006), as the fruity topnotes In here seem slightly watery and charged - like the smell in the air just before a thunderstorm. I can't describe the scent in detail, but I'm guessing it's the combination of the ozone accord and some melon, which I believe the original edition contains.

I am reminded of elderberry sparkling spring water in the way that the floral notes are subtler in this edition, but still lively and energetic - the jasmine and tuberose in particular are more toned down. I also think that there is strawberry among the florals and lingering apple in the heart. I definitely think that this edition contains melon and it is stronger in this edition, to help gently diffuse the florals. 

The base is quite close to the skin, so I can only detect a slight hint of sandalwood and musk. The musk seems to have been stripped down in this edition, so it is clean and airy. I know that the original's formula contains synthetic pheromones, but since this formula doesn't have the heavy, sometimes plastic-smelling undertone in the base that the original does, I'm going to suggest that the pheromones aren't in this edition.

Official scent notes: red apple, peach, muguet, ozone, lily-of-the-valley, mimosa, freesia, jasmine sambac, tuberose, sandalwood, oakmoss, ylang-ylang and musk.

 As it costs more money then the original edition I'd expect it to have good longevity, and luckily it does; it lasts beyond a working day, so that's at least eight/nine hours wear out of it. Like the original edition, this is very versatile; it is both refreshing in warmer weather and warm & comforting in cooler weather, so it's great to wear all year round and for any occasion. The heavier musk in the original can cause headaches in hotter weather, but I've not experienced any problems with this edition. 
I am rather fond of the original edition, but given the choice between that and this I'll go for this one every time, as this edition lacks the plastic undertone caused by the synthetic pheromones that the original has. The lighter musk allows the other scent notes to fully develop, making it richer and more complex in comparison too. 

The bottle feels plastic [the casing is] and light, but is still less tacky then it looks in pictures. 

The Paris Hilton Anniversary Edition is exclusive to Superdrug stores in the UK. It costs £40 for a 100ml bottle. I'd stick to ordering it online, as I went to 3 large[ish] stores looking for the perfume, and none of them stocked it.

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