Friday, 4 September 2015

NOTD: Drink Up Witches by China Glaze...

It's that time of year; its time for me to share my thoughts on the polishes in the China Glaze Halloween collection.
I ended up buying the entire six-piece six piece collection, which I wasn't going to do, as buying the full set from eBay was cheaper than buying four or five polishes individually. I've had the polishes since July, so I've had plenty of time to play around with everything and am now ready to roll.
Today we're going to look at the polish which called to me because of it's name...

Drink Up Witches is described as a "Frankenstein neon green creme". The shade and the finish of the polish on my nails is actuate to that Frankenstein and creme description, but, in my opinion, I would hesitate to label it as a true neon; it is very bright, but it doesn't have that glows-in-the-shadows quality that I think true neon shades should have to them. I forgive that neon/not neon dilemma as the shade is great regardless - and I'm not a huge green polish wearer, so for me to think that is really something. The other huge plus to this polish is that the formula is a winner; two easy-to-apply coats, with no white base necessary. The polish dries quickly and I haven't had any problems with bubbles, streaks, or self-leveling abilities.

Using my usual base and top coat, this polish will last me anywhere between two to four days with only minimal wear. But as I'm a self powered wheelchair user I'm tough on my hands and am always catching my nails, so I can't really speak for how long lasting the formula is overall. I must also comment on the design of the bottle and lid. The shape is very easy to grip, meaning there's less smudging and spills.

Drink Up Witches goes nicely with two of the glitter toppers that are part of the Ghouls Night Out collection. It looks okay under the green one too, but it's not as striking.

[l - r] Ghostness With The Mostess, Cackle If You Want To, Something's Brewing

I had Drink Up Witches sat on my dresser near my bottle of Illamasqua Nurture and was struck by the similarities, so dug out a swatch wheel for a closer look...

The two polishes dry to different finishes, but the actual shades are spot-on, so if you like the look of the Illamasqua it'll be cheaper to pick up the China Glaze and a matte topcoat.

My co-model for the day: Mowgli.


You can buy Drink Up Witches on Nail Polish Direct for £4.50 [free P&P].

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