Monday, 8 September 2014

The Bargain Hunter: kitty's ears ring...

I've been browsing through all of the cheap and cheerful jewellery items on Amazon UK after buying a pair of earrings and loving them.

I thought that I'd order a bunch of different stuff and share the success stories, making The Bargain Hunter a regular series (with its own page so that everything is easy to find), to help people looking for low cost gift options or pick-me-ups...

Today we'll look at one of my favourite finds; this kitty ears ring.

The thing that concerned me was how hardy the ear shaped adornments would prove to be. I mean would they be flimsy and snap with the first knock? But I've been continually wearing it since receiving it, and the ears haven't bent or snapped. There hasn't been any discoloration, or any staining to my finger either.

The ring fits nicely on my ring finger, so I'd say that it is a size N.

My ring took two weeks to arrive (from China), and arrived in a plastic Baggie. So if you want to buy one as a gift, order it in plenty of time and get a box or pouch to present the ring in separately.

I ordered my ring here. However I only paid 36p for my ring, but the price is now currently £1.26 - free p + p though.

Many different sellers offer the same style ring in my silver coloured ring or a bronze shade, so you can just type 'Cute Cat Ears Ring' into the search bar to find the current best deal. The best prices i saw last I checked currently range from 69p each, to £1.19 for a set of 5 rings.

My nail polish was two coats of Avon Speed Dry 30 polish in Lure, over one coat of Bow (Nails INC) in I Teal Like A Woman.

Lure is probably my biggest polish letdown for the year: it is a beautiful turquoise colour and the formula contains  irridesent glitter shards, so I thought I'd love it. However the formula is thin; three coats wasn't opaque and adding more coats leave the formula all soft and uneven - with different spots being darker then other places.

The glitter shards sunk straight to the bottom of the bottle, and shaking the bottle repeatedly during application makes little difference.

So now I layer it over a similar coloured creme shade, as I wore in the photos.

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