Thursday, 18 September 2014

NOTD: Don't Let The Dead Bite by China Glaze...

Today I want us to take a closer look at Don't Let The Dead Bite - one of the five new shades in the China Glaze 2014 Halloween collection 'Apocalypse'... 

Don't Let The Dead Bite is a red tinged milky grey creme shade, filled with different sized red glitter particles. Two coats is still pretty sheer coverage wise, but I don’t mind the semi-sheer look, so that's how many coats I'm wearing in the photos.

Three coats will give you a largely opaque look, with just a teensy bit of VNL.

Despite the heavy amounts of glitter this polish is easy to apply, leaving no bubbles or streaks and I was impressed with the drying time. Plus it dries pretty smoothly too - a good topcoat leave more or less totally smooth the slight texture out. Being a glitter bomb it does take a little bit more effort to remove, but it seems easier than my other glitter-heavy polishes. 

I am tough on my hands and regularly bang and catch my nails (self powered wheelchair user), so I'm not a lot of help determining wearability.

Since China Glaze's 2010 'Awakening' collection their Halloween releases were rather tame. Don't get me wrong many of the later polishes were nice, but most of them didn't exactly scream "Halloween", so this years collection is really exciting as it is fun and fits in with the season - this particular shade looks like blood splatters on dead flesh. A perfect fit for this year's zombie theme.

I wore  mattifying topcoat in all of the photos (Ring is coming soon to The Bargain Hunter).

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