Thursday, 4 September 2014

FYI: Clintons have started to stock the Yankee Christmas candlecollection...

I popped into my local branch of Clinton's the other day where I noticed a new small display table piled with Yankee candles, including many Christmas ones, plus two Christmas gift sets.

My local store is small so there weren't many candle sizes there for their Christmas scents for me to choose from; either large jar candles or 12 packs of their tea lights for the older fragrances. They also had the jars of two of the new Christmas 2014 fragrances - Icicles and Twisted Peppermint - in stock. Considering that the official Yankee website hasn't yet listed the new fragrances, I was pleasantly surprised to find them. 

I tried to take a few quick photos of the sets, but the store was strangely busy and everyone kept walking in front of me and/or gave me funny looks. One was a 6 pack of Christmas voltives, with three different fragrances - including Candy Cane Lane, a new fragrance for 2014. The other set was a 12 pack with six different fragrances in; again including Candy Cane Lane.

I also want to say that I found Icicles to be very similar to my favourite Christmas fragrance by Yankee, Winter Wonderland, which was discontinued a few years ago, so if you liked Winter Wonderland then you need to check out Icicles. 

I was delighted by the similarity and have bought the large jar. I very nearly bought one of the gift sets too, but have told myself to be sensible and wait to see what the other new fragrances in the Christmas collection smell like first...

Yankee Direct is a UK a site, and it stocks these new fragrances, as well as loads of other Yankee Christmas fragrances with haven't been sold in the UK before. I've bought from this site before, so know that it is reliable.

I can't find any information on the Twisted Peppermint candle, or the sets yet, so you'll have to go to a Clintons store to see/smell them.

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