Tuesday, 2 September 2014

First impressions: Heat Wild Orchid edp by Beyoncé...

As promised, today I've typed up my thoughts on the new Beyoncé Heat flanker; Heat Wild Orchid. I think that the original Heat, and first flanker Heat Rush, is meh; nice enough, but nothing interesting enough to stand out from the 1000s of fragrances released every year. Midnight Heat impressed me more, but is a heavier fragrance, and with my migraines, I've been finding it harder to wear recently.

However as I've found the new pillar perfume - Rise - from Beyoncé to be very enjoyable, I'm feeling lucky when it comes to Heat Wild Orchid too.

But have I gotten my hopes up for nothing?

Beyoncé Heat Wild Orchid is a spellbound scent that expresses the bold femininity of women. This captivating and memorable fragrance invites and intoxicates those who encounter it - Beyonce Parfums.
Heat Wild Orchid is described by Coty as an enticing, mouth-watering fragrance that emits a fierce, feminine energy. The  perfume places emphasis on an accord of Butterfly Orchid that allegedly has aphrodisiac powers. 
The fragrance opens with a fruity hit of pomegranate, coconut water and boysenberry. A bold floral bouquet of butterfly orchid, blooming magnolia and honeysuckle is the heart. Blonde woods, skin musk and amber contribute to the overall impression of a sensual perfume.

I've been after a not too summery perfume which contains a long note of coconut in it for a while now, and Heat Wild Orchid is the most enjoyable fragrance with the longest and least synthetic coconut note that I've found so far - The note lasts through the top and heart of the fragrance, and lasts as the perfume fades into the base.

The coconut entwines nicely with the boysenberry. The fruits are sweet, but not too sweet like they are in the earlier Heat editions, so this fragrance is easier to wear and not too summery. In short the fruits are nicely done.

Floral wise; the honeysuckle is the easiest to pick out on myself and I can also pick out the listed magnolia. The strongest floral on me is something that is very similar to violet, just a bit more 'fizzy'. Is this is what 'butterfly orchid' is? I really like it, whatever it is.
In my opinion this is the most appealing fragrance in the Heat and Pulse lines so far, as the sweetness isn't as sickly and the floral notes are more developed on me, in comparison to the other Heat and Pulse fragrances.

I do prefer Rise to this, as it still stands as the most adult fragrance in the Beyoncé collection and is more versatile - but I still think Wild Orchid is enjoyable, and will be lovely in the spring and summer.

I'm likely to pick up a bottle in the near future (most celeb scents by big companies dramatically lower in price online a few months after release), but it's not a wow-I-must-own-this-now kind of fragrance that I'd pay full price for.

Heat Wild Ochid is now available nationwide in 30ml (£25), 50ml (£31), and 100ml (£40) bottles.

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