Saturday, 13 September 2014

NOTD: New Lengths by Sally Hansen in Orange Pumpkin...

I guess that my new Pumpkin Spice candles influenced my nail polish choice today, as I'm going orange AND am digging into my collection of Halloween polishes.

Today we're taking a look at a New Lengths by Sally Hansen polish, in Orange Pumpkin - a Canada-only Halloween shade (I don't know the year of release)...

I don't think that the New Lengths line is still made anymore (maybe in Canada?), but I look out for them on places such as eBay and Amazon as I love the formula. I think this line has ingredients that encourage nails to grow faster - I use nail serums and hardeners on my weak nails, so can't really say if it works or not.

This is a nicely pigmented orange creme shade of polish - no shimmer, glitter, or iridescence in the formula. I'm not usually a fan of orange shades, but this isn't a mega bright look-at-me shade; it has a hint of red in to tone down the brightness, so it's a bit more subdued and autumnal when compared against my other orange polishes.

The formula is smooth to apply and is quick to dry. This shade is a three coater on me as there are one or two thin spots left sometimes after two coats, but someone who is better at painting their nails then me could probably get away with two coats.

My ring is by House Of Harlow 1960.

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