Sunday, 2 March 2014

Going two-tone: Intense Ombres by L'Oreal...

This is more of a friendly warning, than a review: be careful of which L'Oreal Ombre kit you choose...

I went to my local Boots to buy a Wild Ombre hair dye, but when I got there all I could see on the shelves were the Colored Ombres, Feria's Extreme Ombres, and boxes of something that L'Oreal called Intense Ombres. Since L'oreal have repeatedly changed the packaging on their various hair colouring kits over the years, I assumed that's what had happened here and that the Intense Ombres is the same product as the Wild Ombres, so I bought the light brown to dark brown shade and went home to use it...

... Of course I now know that the Intense Ombres is the stronger version of the Wild Ombres kit, which IS still in production [my local Boots must have been out of stock]. If I'd known then that I'd picked up a stronger concentration of formula I'd have picked the kit for dark blonde to medium brown hair, rather then the one for medium brown to dark brown hair that I did get.

I read the instruction sheet that came with the kit several times and I also watched a good half-dozen videos of girls using the kit over on YouTube, so I'm confident that I applied the bleach in the correct manner... But nevertheless I ended up with one shade of blonde on my hair, rather then the gentle gradient from dark to light blonde the box promises [and the girls on YouTube achieved]

Did I pick a faulty kit, or was the concentration of bleach simply too strong?

Either way the finished look has grown on me a lot as the light and shadows soften the bleached tone a bit, and the look goes with my preference for undone, slightly messy makeup very nicely, but I bought the kit as it was advertised as ombre, not the dip-dye effect which I ended up with.

I'll simply say that the kit is a very reasonable price and it was very easy to use alone, so if you're feeling adventurous go for it. Just be careful which kit you select.


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