Thursday, 13 March 2014

Okey Cokey; Can Can Burlesque EDP by Paris Hilton...

Can Can Burlesque is a flanker of the original fragrance Can Can from 2007, and has just been launched overseas. 
The scent, like the original one, is inspired by Moulin Rouge and the song Lady Marmalade.

Top notes: clementine, nectarine, cassis and raspberries. 
Heart noes: Wild orchid and orange blossom.
Base notes: wild musk and blonde woods.
[Via Fragrantica]

She may not seem cool or admirable herself, but I had a bottle of Can Can and really enjoyed it, so I am keen to try this new version. Plus the company that makes the Paris Hilton perfumes [Parlux] usually releases good quality fragrance formulas.

I don't think the Paris Hilton perfume range is sold in UK high streets any more, so we'll have to wait until bottles begin to appear on various websites, such as Amazon and All Beauty (formally Cheap Smells) over the next few months.

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