Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Results of theTrial for February 2014: Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial moisturizer by L'Oreal...

As I previously stated, I've spent the past month testing the new Age Perfect moiturizer by L'Oreal for the Boots reiew panel. I've been impressed by the moisturing abilities of this product, so  I thought that I'd also put my houghts and before/after pictures up here so that people who are curious about the products can read my opinions on the results for themselves.

Before I started using Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream and serum

What L'Oreal claim Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream will do; Over time your skin progressively loses nutrients that are essential to its vitality. Your skin becomes drier, thinner and can lose its natural radiance.
How to Use

The Power of Extraordinary Essential Oils
L'Oréal Paris has selected the essential oils of Lavender and Thyme, renowned for their anti-ageing and anti-oxidant properties. These have been combined with the precious extract of White Jasmine, known for its soothing properties.

An Extraordinary oil-Cream the Texture
A silky-soft cream, enriched with oil micro-pearls, that delicately melts into the skin. Non-greasy and non-sticky, it fuses the comfort of a cream with the pleasure of an oil.
Thanks to its delicate aromatic scent, a feeling of calm and comfort envelops your senses for a moment of true pleasure.

Visible results

Nourishes, Brightens, Anti-Fatigue
Instantly, skin is nourished with a renewed look of radiance. Day after day, skin is replenished with moisture. The signs of fatigue are reduced making your features look and feel relaxed. Skin looks more toned and a healthy-looking glow is restored.
Apply daily on a thoroughly cleansed face and neck.
In the morning, place a small amount of cream on the tip of your fingers and apply in small a movements to re-awaken a more luminous complexion.
In the evening, apply more generously by delicately massaging into the skin.

My experience and thoughts

L'Oreal's Age Perfect Extraordinary oil-cream has proven to be a simple, but effective moisturizer. It doesn't battle against wrinkles or give you a facelift, but if you are looking for a moisturizer that delivers effective moisturizing results and brightens up your skin somewhat, this cream is affordable and isn't greasy or heavy on your skin.

I've been using this twice daily for over a month now and not only does my naked skin look noticeably more radiant, it hasn't flaked at all. As my skin is so dry that it often flakes I'm delighted with the results. My fine laugh lines also seem a bit fainter, though I haven't noticed any change in my forehead lines.

As I mentioned above this isn't heavy and adsorbs quickly, so my skin doesn't have that greasy feel after application. As it is a fantastic hydrater and quick to absorb, it is great for wearing under makeup. Plus this moisturizer is suitable for both daytime and evening, so you don't need to buy two separate tubs. 

Since using this I haven't suffered from additional breakouts, or had any itches or rashes on my dry and sensitive skin. 

I do think that I would like to shop around for something that both hydrates my skin AND smooth all of my fine lines, so whilst this moisturizer isn't on my must-own list I'd sill consider buying Age Perfect Extraordinary oil-cream again when/if my skin goes through another excessively dry patch for pairing with the matching serum [review on it's way] - as when I used the moisturizer alone I felt that the moisture boost was lessened a bit.

After I started using Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream and serum

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