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Results of the Trial for February 2014: Part II - Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Serum by L'Oreal...

As I 
previously stated, I've spent the past month testing the new Age Perfect Facial Serum by L'Oreal for the Boots review panel. I've been impressed by the moisturizing abilities of this product, so  I thought that I'd also put my thoughts and before/after pictures up here so that people who are curious about the products can read my opinions on the results for themselves.

Read my verdict on the Age Perfect Extraordinary Moisturizer here.

Before I started using Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream and serum

What L'oreal say about Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil:

With age, skin can become thinner, dehydrated and lose its natural radiance. It can feel dry and look dull, lacklustre.
A new lease of life for your skin.
L'Oréal Paris Laboratories have specially formulated a refined blend of 8 Essential Oils. Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil is a replenishing treatment in a luxurious oil to indulge your skin and transform its touch. Skin looks smoother and more radiant, as if renewed.
Thanks to its delicate aromatic scent, a feeling of calm and comfort envelops your senses for a moment of true pleasure.

Impressive results
Replenishes, smoothes, brightens
Instantly gives your skin a renewed look of radiance and striking smoothness.
Drop after drop, the skin looks more toned and a healthy look is restored.
Experience an extraordinary sensation
Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil is weightless and non-greasy, suitable for all skin types. The dry oil luxuriously bathes skin in complete comfort and care.
A precious secret for smoother, radiant skin, that looks as if renewed
8 Refined essential oils
Lavander, marjoram, romarin, geranium, rose, chamomile, orange, lavandin

A new ritual

Age Perfect Extraordinary Facial Oil is ideal for everyday use, alone or to complement your day and night regime, on a cleansed face and neck.
Apply 2-3 precious drops of the Facial Oil on your cheeks, forehead, neck and decolletage. Massage onto the skin with your fingertips in circular motions.
Allow the oil to absorb thoroughly before applying your day or night cream if needed.

[Avoid contact with the eye area]

My experience and opinion:

L'Oreal's Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil Serum is a simple, but effective moisturizing treatment. It's not a serum that will help with lines and wrinkles and it didn't seem to have any skin firming effects, but if you are looking for skincare that improves the look and feel of dry and dull skin then this will help. 

This serum isn't heavy on my skin and adsorbs quickly, so my skin doesn't have that greasy feel after application. As it is a fantastic hydrater and quick to absorb, it is great for wearing under makeup. 

I've been using this twice daily both under moisturizer and alone for over a month now and not only does my naked skin look noticeably more radiant, it hasn't flaked at all. As my skin is so dry that it often flakes I'm delighted with the results. My fine laugh lines also seem a bit fainter, though I haven't noticed any definite change in the appearance of my forehead lines - sometimes I do think that they've grown fainter, but I can't say for definite. Using the serum and matching moisturizer together smoothed away the vast majority of my patches of dry skin and left a slight dewy sheen to my skin within the first week - as I do have severely dry skin I prefer to use the serum under moisturizer. 

Based on my results after using the serum alone for periods of time; I would say that if you have oilier skin, then you could probably skip moisturizer. Since using this I haven't suffered from additional breakouts, or had any itches or rashes on my dry and sensitive skin. 

Whilst the moisturizer isn't on my must-own list I'll buy and use the Age Perfect Extraordinary oil again, as I think it actually moisturized my skin more then the moisturizer did. This also offers the best value for money - after a month's worth of twice daily usage the serum bottle is still almost two thirds full, whist the moisturizer is over half empty and I've begun to be able to see the bottom of the jar.

After I started using Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil-Cream and serum

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