Thursday, 27 March 2014

Found for sale in the UK: Sally Hansen Canada-only Halloween 2007 nail polishes...

I guess that the post title says everything you really need to know; I love Halloween and dark nail polishes, so when I chanced upon these rarities which combine my loves whilst browsing Amazon UK I couldn't believe my luck.

Anyway I'm doing my public duty and passing on the info to other fans of Halloween/Sally Hansen/vampie/rare nailpolish fans...

The third party seller on Amazon UK who sells these is called Direct Cosmetics, and I had no problems with them; my parcel arrived sooner then expected, and was securely wrapped.

When I placed my order last week the p+p charge was only £1.50 per item, but as I ordered four bottles of polish at once [I wanted a black creme polish too - my sister 'borrowed' mine ages ago and I haven't seen it since] the p+p total was reduced to £3.00 altogether. They've since raised the p+p to £2.45 per item, but I imagine that the bulk order discount still applies.


A charcoal, with very subtle blue hints in the shimmer.

This shade is here for £1.50...


A blackened purple shimmer.

This is the most expensive shade of the three at a shocking £1.99...
The page for it is here.


A dark coffee, with subtle olive in the shimmer.

There are only a few bottles of this shade left, so don't hang around if you want it...
The page is here.

I relapsed into nail biting at the start of the year, and whilst I've managed to stop, my nails are weak and peel-prone again so are currently yucky looking. So I can only apologize for the lack of my own swatch pictures, and direct you towards this blog page which has some lovely photos.

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