Sunday, 27 May 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary KvD Beauty, let's celebrate with a review for the 10th Anniversary highlighter...

The 10th Anniversary collection arrived to Debenhams about a fortnight ago and the third and final thing from the 6-piece collection that I jumped on was the highlighter [my heart wants the brush set too, but my head and credit card both say no].

As the UK only gets a small portion of KvD's limited edition items to put on sale, I'm not going to blather on and just jump straight into the interesting stuff...

The Gold Skool Metal Crush Extreme Highlighter is a limited edition release for the brand's 10th anniversary and was inspired by KvD Beauty fans using the Metal Crush eyeshadow shades as highlighters. The word extreme is right there in the name, so don't expect a subtle highlight here; we're talking microglitter, and highly pigmented base pearls, that give an opalescent finish. Gold Skool actually looks like a white-pearl in the pan [until you start dipping your brush in it during application], but the white base melts away on skin to leave a gold sheen. 

As mentioned above, there is microglitter/shimmer in here, but it is finely milled, weightless and it doesn't outlive the bases to the highlighters - such an important factor. When I look straight-on into a mirror after application I can't see anything, but when I turn my head the powders catch the light and flash intensely. A perfect highlighter - it's not just sitting there as a strip of colour on skin ala Adam Ant. When I apply my makeup in the morning I'll sometimes use a setting spray and other times I won't, but I found that the highlighter will last until I'm ready to remove my makeup in the evening no matter if I use one or not. 

One niggle I've noticed; you do need to be careful with application; sometimes the glitter doesn't blend into the base, in which case I'll need to sweep a powder brush over the highlighter to wipe it away.

The shade is universal, the formula is great and you get a decent amount of product for your money, so I'm happy with my purchase and will wear this highlight happily, but... There isn't anything wildly unique here, as I get a similar look with other highlighters already out there - the yellow and bronze shades in the Sleek Solstice highlight palette aren't a million miles off from this, and ColourPop makes a few different gold highlight powders.   
If you're looking for a gold highlighter and have the spare money, then you wouldn't regret buying Gold Skool. But if you're watching your pennies and are wondering which few items to buy from this collection, I don't think this is a must-have; I enjoy the eyeshadow palette and lipstick more.

The highlighter is £25
You can buy the 10th Anniversary highlighter from larger Debenhams stores and the Debenhams site.

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