Thursday, 24 May 2018

Happy 10th Anniversary KvD Beauty, let's celebrate with a review for the 10th Anniversary eyeshadow palette...

The 10th Anniversary collection arrived to Debenhams a short while ago, so I jumped straight on the eyeshadow palette and started using it on an almost daily basis, gathering my thoughts for a review. As the UK only gets a small portion of KvD's limited edition items to put on sale, I'm not going to blather on and just jump straight into the interesting stuff...

The 10th Anniversary eyeshadow palette contains 16 shades of powder shadow. My first thought was "Huh. This is priced in the same range as her holiday palettes, which have more shades" - however these pans hold 1.7g of product, which is larger then their usual size of holiday palette pans [1.13g]. Also; the palette is plastic, rather then the typical card that the brand uses.

 Adele (chocolate brown matte), Malice (vermillion red matte), Ashley (peachy orange matte), Gina (mustard yellow matte), Egypt (gold glimmer), Sylvia (honey beige matte), Lala (olive green matte), Leafar (emerald glimmer)

Melanie (rosy cream matte), Alexandra (rose gold to pink glimmer duo-chrome), Nancy (taupe mauve matte), Catherine2 (orchid glimmer), Kelly (brown to blue glimmer duo-chrome), Sarah (cool greige matte), Carolyn (muted teal matte) and Chad (cobalt blue matte) 

Kat Von D eyeshadow palettes have become an auto-buy for me, as the brand is very consistent with the high quality of their shadow formula, so I'm always confident when it comes to buying things from them. The pigmentation on everything is awesome, and the shadow formula is very soft and buttery - and I'm not someone who usually bothers with primer. To date I haven't had any issues with shade fading, or shadow creasing. When I dip my brush into the shadows they do have some kick-up to them, but they aren't patchy and apply with only a little [if any] fallout and blend really well, so I generally don't feel that removing a star in my reviews is really necessary as long as the ease of use and performance isn't affected - just tapping excess off your brushes solves the problem. All highly pigmented shadows tend to be softer.

This is a palette full of shadows that applies nicely on the eyes, but doesn't swatch well. I still can confidently say that I'll continue to use every single shade that is in the palette - there's not a single shade that makes me sigh or go 'eww'. If having a one-and-done palette is a dealbreaker for you, then it's good news; you can make a variety of complete-look-in-one-palette looks with this palette, that go all the way from desk to party. The ratio of mattes to shimmers is another strong plus.

I adore this palette; the quality is great, all of the shades look pretty and are all very wearable, so I'm going to use and enjoy everything and I would want to replace this if I lost it. However I do wish she'd gone easy with the more 'everyday' shades and concentrated on more unique shades and pops - my creative side was a teensy bit "Oh. Is that it?" the first time that I saw this palette, since the KvD limited edition releases push the envelope more and encourages customers to be more creative with colour combinations. 

But yay; no black or white matte shadows, which I'd been expecting since KvD has included them both in three or four of her last releases.

The palette is £42.
You can buy the 10th Anniversary eyeshadow palette from larger Debenhams stores and the Debenhams site.

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