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Getting to the naked truth of the Nudie Patootie Eyeshadow Palette, by Laura Lee Los Angeles...

Laura Lee Los Angeles is a newish indie brand created by popular YouTube centered beauty influencer Laura Lee and the Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette is the second release from the brand. I had been interested in it, but was planning on waiting to see if Beauty Bay are going to have a money-off offer for this palette at some point in the near-future, like they did for the brand's earlier release [the Cat's Pajamas eyeshadow palette].

I only went ahead and bought the Nudie Patootie now because I felt sorry for Laura Lee and all of the abuse and hate she was getting when she revealed the palette over social media; everyone was getting into a feeding frenzy over it for no real reason, with nasty comments and negative reviews on places like Beauty Bay merely hours after it's release. Because people were leaving negative reviews - followed swiftly by ass-kissing 5 star reviews - obviously without them even trying the palette since it hadn't been for sale long enough for postage and delivery to have begun, I decided to go ahead and order it so that there is at least one honest review out there...

The cosmetics and packaging are made in America and are certified cruelty free and vegan. The Nudie Patootie eyeshadow palette contains 14 shades; 

Stark [Ivory white shimmer], Undressed [Honey nude matte], Topless [Chrome pink with gold reflects], Streaking [Dark bisque matte], Uncover [Soft, pearl-champagne shimmer], Strip [Golden mustard matte], Bare [Salmon peach matte]
 Exposed [Aged pewter shimmer], Au Naturale [Royal bronze foil with gold reflects], Reveal [Taupe brown matte], Jaybird [Fiery copper foil with gold reflects], Butt Naked [Warm brown matte], Buff [Rich chocolate shimmer], Nakey Nakey [Walnut brown matte].

If you prefer soft & more subtle looks and are getting bored with all of the warm palettes that have taken over the market, or if you're someone who has to wear conservative colours to work and don't want to spend ages getting ready in the mornings, then I recommend this neutral-based neutrals palette for you as the shades are more 'every day' and are all complimentary to each other - you can pair any shades up together and they'll match up nicely, no fuss, no need for spending loads of time making the shades go together. This palette has a few colour pops in that still manage to be softer and there are also a couple of foil duo-chrome shades, for when you want to kick things up a notch. It's also a great palette to use when I want understated eye makeup to mix and match with bright n bold lips, or when I'm using more intense shades from elsewhere and I want softer shades to pull the look together.

The shadows have some kick-up to them; kick-up has never been a factor in if to get something or not for me as all softer & pigmented shadows have some kick-up to them, but if it bothers you then yes, there is some. The shades are all pigmented, blend well and wear well on me - it's been really hot here, but nine hours after applying the shadows, there's no creasing and no colour fade [I don't bother with primer]. The shadows in Nudie Patootie have had much less fallout in comparison to the ones in the brand's other eyeshadow palette [Cat's Pajamas], and I haven't noticed any of the shades muddying together.

So far my only issue with this palette has been that the microglitter that is in two of the shades can be messy, due to fallout - I've found that using a concealer as a primer helps the sparkle stick better than a regular eyeshadow primer and using a finger for application helps too. This niggle is worth it for me, as the microglitters give the shades a colour-shift effect.

Between my reason for buying Nudie Patootie, my past experience with the brand (I have the Cat's Pajamas palette & was underwhelmed by it) and the fact that I typically love colourful eye looks, I wasn't expecting much - but I've been very pleasantly surprised. For a neutral palette there is some variety to be found, thanks to the mustard and peach pops which are great both alone and mixed with other shades, plus the foils add more of a fun factor too. I've easily made my usual grungy looks using this palette as well, so there are a fair few ways to go with Nudie Patootie other than natural-but-polished barely there blushes, more conservative glitzy neutrals and evening smoky glam looks. 
The quality of the shadows is great, the price-per-gram-of-product is a good value, plus the photos on the retail sites DO match up with the YouTube video and the palette in real life. If I went through my eyeshadow collection I'd be able to dupe a fair few of the shades, but the quality and pan sizes of the unique-to-me shades make this palette a very good buy IMO. Plus it is very convenient to have my more 'essential' most-used types of shades/finishes of shadows close-to-hand in one palette, for when I'm short on time or just don't know what to do. I happily recommend Nudie Patootie to people; especially those who are umming and ahhing over if to splurge on the ABH Soft Glam palette or not - you get the overall look and effect here, but with some pops of fun and a lot more product for your money in Nudie Patootie [23g vs 8g in ABH], and tbh there isn't much difference in the quality between the brands, plus this palette is slightly cheaper.

You can buy Nudie Patootie for £38 on Beauty Bay 
For international customers; the palette costs $45 directly from the brand's site.

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