Saturday, 12 May 2018

Sweet dreams are made of the Unicorn Dreams eyeshadow palette [by Karity Cosmetics]...

Hello sun and blue skies of late spring/early summer, where have you been? Time for us to say hello lighter makeup and pastel eyeshadow...

If you've read my review for the Kylie Cosmetics Purple Palette, then you'll already know that I enjoy the purple and pink shades in this super-cute pastel toned eyeshadow palette. However I've now had more time to explore all of the shades on offer in the Unicorn Dreams palette by indie brand Karity Cosmetics, so has my opinion on it changed?

Pastel shades + fair skin + light reflecting shimmers = crappy swatches.

 I did mention in my last Kylie Cosmetics post that I planned to review Unicorn Dreams, so I tried my best and went through hundreds of photos trying to find the most accurate ones, to stick to my word and review the palette. All of the shimmer shades look, feel and apply really nicely in the real world, but my camera just doesn't like them...

Pure, Spark, Gallop, Skye, Mystical
Secret, Mane, Believer, fairytale, Noa
Hooves, Magical, Sparkle, Forbidden, Forest

The two blue shades are both drier compared to the other shadows, so Fairytale is quite patchy and has a lot of fallout. Noa can also be a bit patchy too, but nowhere near as much as Fairytale. They are actually my two favourite shades in the palette, so I'm prepared to work with them a bit more & wear less-than-ideal finished looks, but it's something to bare in mind if you are less tolerant when it comes to diva-like shadows. 

Mystical not only swatches poorly; it also photographs terribly on the eyes, but in real-life it is stunning - a lovely icy mint green, with a super-glowy finish. I think that as the shimmer is so intense after application it kinda reacted to/bounced off the camera flash and bleached everything out. I'm sorry that I couldn't get better images; I tried re-doing the same eye look I did using Mystical, Gallop and Skye, and all of the images came out the same. Really annoying because those two shades are my other two favourites after the blue ones - they really do look awesome in reality, I promise! I showed one of my more everyday looks I often use the mattes in this palette for, using Skye to show you how awesome this shade is when it's not bleached out.

Sticking to the more full-on glitzy shades; Spark is thinner and is better suited for use as a highlight shade, but the other shades are opaque - I'd only ever use Spark as a highlight shade anyway, so I don't count it's sheerness as a issue. They do have a bit of fallout due to all of the microglitter, but nowhere near as much in comparison as most other microglitter-heavy shadow formulas. I find that using a concealer as a shadow base helps stick the glitter to my lids; just don't use one with a thin formula. Revolution Conceal + Define works well for me.

So long as you aren't buying Unicorn Dreams for the shade Fairytale, then I think that the palette is a lovely spring/summer option. If you are particularly looking for a sky blue matte shade, then I'd advise looking elsewhere, as that shade is the only fail in this palette [I haven't found a similar shade anywhere, Waters from the KvD I Am Divine palette is the closest I have]. 
Noa can be a bit of a pain, but is mostly fine with a bit of building up and extra blending. However the other thirteen shades are all of a great quality and the shades I specially bought the palette for [pink, mauve and purple] are the best quality-wise.

  You can order the Unicorn Dreams palette through the Karity site - it's only $25!! International shipping is only $8 - and I didn't get charged with any custom tax.

Order processing and Delivery took 7 days, from the US to the UK.

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