Tuesday, 1 May 2018

3 palettes, 1 look: Kat Von D, Too Faced and Huda Beauty...

Just writing a quick post to share links to three eyeshadow palette reviews I wrote for Makeup Alley, but haven't had the time to redo & take photos for, to give them justice for a blog review. 

As two of the palettes are limited edition, I'm running out of time to find a spare hour or two to sit down and do everything needed for a decent dedicated review for each palette, so I want to give you a heads up on what is available and share a look I did over the weekend using all three of my fairly recent purchases...

I had a top with a "mermaid in training" slogan hanging on the outside of my wardrobe  to wear and when I think 'mermaid' I think blue and green, so that's where this look came from...

*I am Divine

*Life is a Festival

*Electric Obsessions

Click on the palette names for my MUA reviews; I am Divine [Kat Von D], Life is a Festival [Too Faced] and Electric Obsessions [Huda Beaty]. 
The short versions of my reviews is the same for each palette is the same - the shades in the pans all look as vivid as they do in their pans, so if you like the colors you see, then buy them. The quality on everything is awesome and I really love the lack of neutral tones -  eyeshadow lovers will already have tons of neutral crease, transition/highlight shades, so "yay" for fresh and new ideas.

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