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Anything Kylie can do, Kim can do ____ [reviewing the KKW x Mario eyeshadow palette by KKW Beauty]

Despite whatever impression you may get from my Kylie Cosmetics eyeshadow collection/strange fascination, I don't care for the K Klan themselves [I think they're an noying, but mostly harmless], but I do follow & admire Mario Dedivanovic's work and wanted to support him - plus I'm still kicking myself for not getting his ABH palette and didn't want to miss out again, so come launch day for his KKW x Mario collection I was stalking the site, ready to pounce on the eyeshadow palette the second that it launched... 

Has Kim just copied more of Kylie's footsteps and formulas, or has she pulled something new out of the K Klan bag of tricks? And, if new, is that change for the better or worse?

The colours in the KKW x Mario eyeshadow palette are pretty tame overall, but the shades picked are ones used by Mario on Kim for some of his most memorable shoots with her over the past ten years, so you have to expect a more editorial colour scheme.

2008 [metallic icy silver], Glam [metallic rustic gold], Miami [matte warm caramel brown], Armenian [metallic bright light gold], Loyalty [matte deep chocolate brown]

Decade [matte peachy cream], Albania [matte brick red], Vegas [metallic deep burgundy], Libra [metallic cobalt blue], Bronzy [metallic coppery bronze with gold flecks].

This is a fairly easy palette to review; all ten shades feel the same, blend the same and wear the same. They're all very creamy so apply very smoothly and evenly, they all blend out easily and I've had zero creasing or colour fade [I don't use primer]. I have deepset eyes and have had very little transfer from the metallic shades [Bronzy & Armenian are the offenders, thanks to the faint microglitter flecks] - even when I did my version of the promo look of wearing the metallic blue all over my eyes [you can't help recreating it when that gorgeous shade is right in front of you]. There is some kick-up when I dip my brushes into the pans, but that is something that never really bothers me as long as the shadows apply and perform well, which these do.

The matte shades and Vegas & Libra need some building, but do reach the pan-shade without any difficulty. This is where I want to defend the palette a bit; Mario does clearly say in the promo video that the mattes and deeper/brighter shades are formulated to need building, as he knew that most of Kim's fans are younger and might be overwhelmed by majorly pigmented shades. I understand why some people would not want to bother with shadows that need building up, but that is how they are meant to be and it was public information before the palette was released - it's not some kind of fault with the product, and if people didn't look into the product that they were buying beforehand, the buck stops with you - it isn't down to the product quality or the brand trying to trick you. Personally I'm a big fan of this kind of formulation; as you can see by comparing the swatches [built up with 3 passes with a brush] and the demos [1 to 2 passes], you can get the shades to look completely different = it's like getting a new 30-pan palette, rather then a 10-pan one. 

When Mario first put up a short video of himself applying Kim's makeup for the promotional shoot for this campaign on Instagram, I didn't read the caption and in the quick glimpse of the palette in the video I honestly thought he was using the Kylie Cosmetics Royal Peach palette on Kim for a magazine shoot. I do have both palettes and in all honesty the KKW x Mario palette does look similar to Royal Peach in real life, although some of the most similar shades do have different finishes. I actually think that Royal Peach is the best quality out of that brand [I'll get round to reviewing it soon], but I do find the KKW palette to be of a much higher quality as the shadows feel creamier and blend far easier, so whilst the brands are said to share the same parent company, they do use different formulas.

Order processing took 6 days, and delivery took another 9 days, which was a bit disappointing as other people who ordered things later then me were receiving them, plus there was at least one product restock in the meantime. I've ordered the liquid lipstick set from KKW Beauty in the past [they're not good imo - I gave them away, so can't review them here] & the order processing AND delivery took 7 days in total. I've also ordered from KKW Fragrance three times & the order processing AND delivery for each of those orders was also exactly 7 days - so I'll be fair and say that this order delay may be due to some kind of mix-up. 

What has made me less-than-comfortable about recommending this palette is the custom tax and handling charges; there weren't any for my previous four KKW Beauty/KKW Fragrance purchases, so the company must have been handling those charges rather then leaving them for international customers to have to sort out and pay ourselves. That's obviously changed without customers being warned about as I received one of those dreaded charge slips in the mail, telling me to go to my local postage depot and pay £21 over the counter (or pay that amount online) so that I could then get my parcel. When you take the product cost, then throw in the $15 for international postage and the custom taxes = nope, if I'd have known that they'd changed policy, then I probably wouldn't have ordered this since the shades are mostly  on the 'basic' end of the spectrum. The quality is great and the colour story is nice, but at the end of the day, this palette is no better then similarly priced ones that I can pick up much more easily, with no extra costs being tagged onto them.

If you want to treat yourself and have the spare money, then yes, this is a great eyeshadow palette - I was surprised by how much I enjoy it since I'm a 'give me colour' girl. However the Christen Dominique Latte palette has come out highly in comparison videos on YouTube, so if you like the look of the KKW x Mario one, but don't want to deal with long wait times and extra costs, you can just pick up that one from Beauty Bay for £32. 

The KKW x Mario eyeshadow palette costs $45 and is available on the KKW Beauty site.
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