Monday, 8 June 2015

The new sexy/fresh/clean: Eau De Glow edt by Jennifer Lopez...

Today we're looking at the second of the newer Glow fragrances I bought a little while ago; this one is the flanker that I was really keen to try since ever since I first heard about it's launch. Eau De Glow was released back in spring 2012, but it only became available on UK sites for Brits to be able to buy within the past year. I've not seen it in any physical UK stores, so buying it online is our only option.

Eau De Glow is a updated version of the original Glow Perfume from 2002 - the debut fragrance by singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. It is described by Coty as being "dedicated to and inspired by spring flowers, which spread an aura of delicate freshness, refinement and sophistication".

I'm a bit bored of Jennifer's Glow offerings now, so how well will this edition of Glow fare? Will it manage to live up to my three years worth of expectations?

I'm someone who wanted to love Glow as it is so clean, fresh, and energising. At the time of its launch it was so unique to everything else in the same price range, and still is a standout in the world of 'celeb scents' today. The bad news is that the extremely heavy musk notes Glow contains are very hard for me to wear; it would give me headaches almost every time I wore it, and I would even get sore and itchy skin where I sprayed it.

That being said, it'll come as no surprise that I much prefer Eau De Glow over the original Glow. To my nose this updated version smells almost exactly the same to the original, except that the musk is much lighter and there is some iris mixed in with the florals in this edition. Because the musk is a lot softer and doesn't shut my nose down I notice more of the other scent notes, so even though in one sense it's the same fragrance, in the other it's different.

I detect the short burst of lemon in the opening, and there is some orange alongside the orange blossom in the heart of the fragrance, which I didn't notice in the original Glow. The other main difference in Eau De Glow is that the mix of soapy florals and grapefruit develop more without the musk to overpower them and, with the introduction of the iris to strengthen it, I notice the powdery element to the florals more as the fragrance begins to dry down into the base.

Official scent notes; 
grapefruit, orange flower, rose, iris, jasmine, vanilla, warm amber, musk and sandalwood.

The longevity for Eau De Glow is excellent for a low-cost mass market release; it beats out similarly priced edp concentrations at over 7 hours before needing a topup.

Glow's sexy/fresh/clean tagline matches this fragrance much more then mentions of spring flowers; the combination of zesty fruits, soapy florals that turn powdery, and the teensiest trace of vanilla mingled in with the woodsy notes takes us from freshly energised, to something more intimate. If I worked for Coty I'd be suggesting that Glow be retired and replaced with Eau De Glow as reviews on various fragrance sites show that the majority of wearers dislike the intense muskiness of Glow - in fact I'm wondering if Eau De Glow is a fan requested update to Glow?

As well as being a softer version of Glow, to me Eau De Glow is reminiscent to the Philosophy Grace fragrance range - they don't have the same scent to this, but they have the same soapy/clean/fresh feel to them. So if you're a fan of those but but want something which has better longevity, then I recommend trying Eau De Glow.


I've not come across Eau De Glow in any stores, so ordered my bottle from Amazon: my 50ml bottle cost £11.50, and the 100ml one is only £14.95.

I recommend buying it directly from Amazon rather then one of the third party sellers to avoid being sent the original Glow in error (this happened to me last year, and the seller didn't even have the grace to respond to my emails regarding this mix-up).

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