Sunday, 21 June 2015

First glance: Starlight holiday 2015 nail collection by OPI...

If the China Glaze Halloween collection is my favourite yearly nail polish release, then OPI's Christmas range is a very close second - they always have highly wearable shades in consistently good formulas. has scored photos of the upcoming store displays AND gift sets for the Starlight Holiday 2015 collection, so prepare to feast your eyes...

I'm not a big fan of metallic finishes on my polishes as they tend to highlight every crack and bump on my nails, and I own a ton of red polishes from OPI's past Christmas collections, so the store display photos aren't initially wowing me. I think similar things every year though and always end up buying a few, so seeing the future swatches will probably no doubt change my mind- it's a Christmas range after all, so we should be expecting red & glitz from OPI.

I think that I'll be most likely to pick up (at least) the two gift-sets with the rings, as those contain the polishes that immediately grab my attention.

Love is in My Cards, Ro-Man-ce on the Moon, Guys & Galaxies,
I’m in the Moon for Love, Cosmo with a Twist, and Give Me Space

Metallic Shades
Center of the You-niverse, Super Star Status, I Drive a SuperNova
By the Light of the Moon, Comet Closer, and Is This Star Taken?

Shimmers & Glitters
Infrared-y to Glow, Let Your Love Shine, Ce-less-tial is More,
Press * for Silver, Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Meteorite, and
No More Mr. Night Sky

Catch a Falling Star
FREE! Star Rings

Constellation Chic
FREE! Swarovski Crystals

Cosmic Couple
FREE! Ornament

OPI All StarsMini 2-Pack

OPI All StarsMini 10-Pack

Over the Moon for Gold
FREE! Jewelry-Inspired Temporary Tattoos

Twinkle, Twinkle
FREE!Midi Rings

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