Sunday, 21 June 2015

First glance: 'Ghouls Night Out' Halloween 2015 Collection by China Glaze...

It's time for the first glance at what has always turned out to be my favourite nail polish collection of the year since 2010; has scored the first photos of the Halloween 2015 collection by China Glaze, so we can now get a sneak peek at the new polishes.

Does it look like their Halloween collection will be my annual favourite for another year, or has their run come to an end?

The China Glaze Ghouls Night Out collection will contain six new shades...
a spooky purple and black glitter
a haunting multi-colored confetti glitter
a monstrous green and black glitter
a mysterious neon purple crème 
a smashing neon pumpkin crème 
a freaky neon frankenstein green crème 

[photo credit: @nailpolishaddictsale on Instagram]

The collection will also contain a repromotion of their Ghoulish Glow, which is a top coat that makes nail polishes glow in the dark. 

This year there will also be two nail art kits for sale too - No Bones About It and China Glaze Itsy Bitsy Spider. Each kit contains either a black or a white polish, and nail art stickers. It looks like there may be striping tape there too, but I can't quite make it out.

Based on what I can see, this collection does look interesting. I can see myself getting four or five of the new shades; orange is not a regular colour choice for me, but I have a weakness for purple polish and creme is my favourite finish, so that polish is going to live with me. The glitters? The purple and green ones look like they're full-coverage micro-glitters in jelly bases, which I think China Glaze does really well (they also look similar to the polishes in the Awakening Halloween collection, which is great as my bottles are running low). The other glitter is only a topper, but it looks like it has purple pieces in it, so that will probably make it into my shopping basket as we'll.

I used to have the Ghoulish Glow topcoat , but I'm not a party-all-night girl and I don't have the patience and steady hands for nail art, so rarely used it and gave it to my sister. It does work when used correctly through (you need to 'charge' it by holding your nails to a light), so if you're into nail art or clubbing then you might like it.

I'll need more information on the actual contents of the kits, but I do think that the spiderweb one might be worth getting and trying out to practice being more arty and creative with my polishes...

I'm excited about seeing some more information and swatch photos on everything, but I already know that some of the polishes will be mine - even the unseen neon green (I love the name). China Glaze do neons and glitters well, so I'm pretty confident that they will pull this collection off quality-wise, despite their recent hit-or-miss run on their formula quality.


  1. Thanks for the info!
    Was on the sallybeauty site and saw a listing for ghostess with the mostess, but wasn't able to add it to the cart.
    Thought the name was in the spirit of the holiday, and being a huge fan of the Halloween collections, knew this must be from the new one, but found zilch in the way of details.

    Thanks for the information! Every tidbit feeds the hunt for moar :)

    1. You can buy the set of six new shades on eBay for round £28 [£19 for polishes + £9 for postage] from various US sellers.
      UK sites still don't stock the range yet. Very late this year - last year sites began to sell them at the end of July.