Thursday, 4 June 2015

Party on with Rio Glow edt by Jennifer Lopez...

Since I tried Wild Glow, and rediscovered Miami Glow in the new year, I had a closer look at the other releases in Jennifer Lopez's Glow collection. Therefore today is my first of two reviews for two of her newer Glow flankers.

Rio Glow was first released in summer 2013 in 100ml bottles exclusively in Brazil, but has now spread to American stores - and UK shopping sites.
Coty describes Rio Glow as a "bright fruity/floral that projects the passion, enjoyment and positivity that symbolize Brazil".

On first application the perfume's strongest note is the apple. Unlike Jennifer's usual sweet fruit-lead fragrances the apple here is not sweet - in fact its sharp on me. I's not so sharp as to be sour, so while the rest of the fruits aren't strong enough for me to separate on their own merit, they must be there balancing out the apple. 

The watery leafy notes blend in with the apple so thoroughly that the top notes don't seem to die down, so the floral notes take a back seat. The florals are blended together with the existing notes very well, but I can detect what I'm quite sure is gardenia and lily. 

The woody base is close to the skin, as the fruit finally dies down. There is musk in here too, so the vanilla and amber is hardly noticeable and don't really sweeten the fragrance up for me. The most interesting aspect to the fragrance does become more noticeable as the fruits and florals die down - it's something like the 'hot sand' accord in Miami Glow. I can't fully describe this mysterious scent note; it's similar to how a cotton tee smells when it's just come out of the tumble dryer and the fibers smell warmed.

Scent notes: green notes, apple, peach, pear, orange blossom, plum and heliotrope, amber, musk, vanilla and white cedar.

Rio Glow makes a good 'everyday' perfume to wear all year round. It is fresh, clean and easy to wear, plus it is inoffensive to my work colleagues, so it is a good choice for an everyday type perfume as long as you don't mind 'freshening up' once or twice (the longevity averages around 5 hours on me).

I expected Rio Glow to be sweetly fruity and/or soapy so a big part of me has been surprised that it's different to the rest of the Glow line of fragrances, however Rio Glow isn't something that is 'new' new; there are several fragrances that it reminds me of, the chief ones being Jennifer's own Live Platinum, and Paris Hilton Tease.

If you are a Jennifer Lopez fragrance collector you'll probably enjoy this as it is something that stands out from her usual sweet n fruity offerings, AND is reminiscent of her now-hard-to-find limited edition Live Platinum. However if you're not into following her fragrance collection you can skip Rio Glow, and buy Tease instead - as it is easily found online at a lower price.


Rio Glow can now be bought on Amazon UK for £18.50 (£15 for the edt, and £3.50 p&p).

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