Monday, 1 June 2015

NOTD: Life Preserver by China Glaze...

Life Preserver is originally from the Anchor's Away spring 2011 collection, and it was added to the China Glaze core line.

China Glaze retired a bunch of shades at the beginning of the year (Unfortunately I can't find the Instagram post I read with all the names on to share on the blog), and I remember that Life Preserver was on the list of doom. So I wanted to let it enjoy the spotlight now, as at the minute it is still widely available for as little as £4 - but when it's gone, it's gone.

I'm not too sure how to describe Life Preserver as it seems to change depending on the lighting; most of the time I'd say that it's a slightly dusty orange with a twist of peach in, other times I'd class it as an autumnal shade of rich brown-based burnt orange, but then sometimes when I look at it on my nails, and think that there's a bit of a red undertone too. I'd class the formula as a crelly [caught between a jelly and a creme], as it is sheer and slightly squishy in appearance.

I think that the quality of China Glaze polishes have turned rather inconsistent over the last few years, but Life Preserver is a great example of when they get it right they're awesome - in fact Life Preserver has one of the best formulas out of all the China Glaze polishes that I own. On the first coat the polish completely covers the nail evenly with no streaks.  I can see nail line through the slightly squishy colour, but I think that just wearing the one coat is perfectly fine under a glitter or if you're in a rush. Whilst two coats still leaves some VNL, it is still something that I prefer doing for an every-day mani. Three coats are largely opaque, and is what I'm wearing in the photos.

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