Monday, 15 June 2015

Bronzilla (012) bronzer by Revlon...

As I previously mentioned, Revlon makes my favourite foundations (Photoready & Nearly Naked). In addition to that I also love their Photoready primer, their Nearly Naked pressed powder, their Gel Envy Diamond topcoat, and their crayon lipstick/balm/stains. 

I felt that it was time for me to branch out in their brand a bit and see how some of their other products work for me, which is what brings me to this post...

Yep: I'm being adventurous and trying out a bronzer. As well as going for a all-over glow, I've been trying out my limited contouring skills.

Will Revlon's bronzer impress me more than their eyeshadows and mascara did?

Bronzilla is a soft light tan shade with a satin finish, that gives a seamless non-orange light bronze dusting to my skin, without me needing to worry about tide marks or looking 'dirty'. I like being slightlier heavier hand with application sometimes, as this will give the impression of natural-looking shadow, giving my face a bit more definition.

                                                Bare face                                With classic cheeks/temple/nose/chin bronzer application

The fact that this bronzer has no shimmer, and isn't too warm in tone, also makes it ideal for using as a contour powder - I'm not one for contouring my nose, but I nearly always contour my cheeks nowadays, and Bronzilla works just as well as my made-just-for-actual-contouring powder does.

Targeted contouring

Finally; when Bronzilla is applied to my eyelids it gives a soft sheer tan finish, so it makes an ideal eyeshadow for when I'm going for a more natural look. It goes nicely with every lip and blush colour I own, so I also wear it when I'm not sure what lip & cheek products I'm going to end up wearing.


What can I say? For an impulse buy this has been a incredibly great-value addition to my makeup bag -bronzer, contouring powder, and eyeshadow in one. I highly recommend Bronzilla to those with fairer skintones. That's the only downside I can see for this product; it'll look ashy on people with medium or darker skintones.


Revlon costmetics are sold in Boots, Superdrug, and selected supermarkets.

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