Thursday, 28 September 2017

NOTD: Queen, Please! by China Glaze...

Sorry for the break in my China Glaze Halloween 2017 breakdown, but I wanted to get the Kylie Cosmetics one up before the featured product sold out. But I'm now back on track...

Okay; we've done a review for the glitter topper in the Happily Never After collection, but what if you don't like wearing glitter on your nails since it's a bit of a pain to remove? Don't worry; China Glaze has you covered, by including a shimmer topper in this year's line-up. Take a bow Queen, Please...
Queen, Please! is a mix of greenish gold irridescent shimmer flecks, in a clear-but-opal base, that flashes pink (the flash doesn't show up on camera, but is definitely there in real life). It's a topper that is best on the plum creme in the Happily Never After collection,  which is what I'm wearing in my photos. 

I do have extremely similar shimmer toppers and they look great over any darker base shades, so Queen, Please! will too - heck, my other toppers haven't looked 'bad' over any colour I've tried under them so far, so the possibilities for it are endless. 

Queen, Please! is made to be worn as topper, but [as you can see in the swatch on the left] whilst not being opaque at three coats, I do like it that way on its own for a glitzy accent - the polish is so shiny and flashy that you can only see your nail line when you hold your hands near your face and inspect them. I'm not much of one for shimmer polish toppers as they've become an over-hyped thing in the cosmetics industry over the past year, so this was the polish in the collection that I was the least keen on trying, but now I think that this polish has the potential to be so much fun that I highly recommend people who like super-shiny polishes picking it up, as it can be used to transform any creme, matte/satin/velvet shade you might be bored with.

I've got no outright complaints with the look or formula with Queen, Please! itself, but bloggers/vloggers have compared it to Twinkle Twinkle little Starfish [Seas And Greetings 2016], and say that they're pretty much identical. I've also found that it is also similar to Hay Girl Hay! [Color Is Magic 2017] once applied, so I don't think that this is a must-have topper to get if you have either of the previously mentioned toppers. 

I'll still wear Queen, Please! happily enough, but if I lost my bottle tomorrow I wouldn't mind, as I do have prefer Hay Girl Hay! and prefer it over this a teensy bit more, as Hay Girl Hay! has white matte shimmer specks in for added interest, and the base has a stronger pink flash [it doesn't show up on camera, but is very noticeable in real life].

I used Pretty Serious Absence for the above swatch

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