Thursday, 21 September 2017

NOTD: Lookin' Gore-geous by China Glaze...

It's time to go through the six new polishes in the Halloween 2017 nail polish collection (Happily Never After) by China Glaze, and I'm going to start by focusing on Lookin' Gore-geous.
I admit that this shade does look pretty boring next to the other polishes in the Happily Never After collection, but there are two toppers in the line-up [a glitter one & a shimmer one] which we'll be looking at next and this shade is perfect under them both.
Lookin' Gore-geous is a "no fancy business" plum creme shade. There are lots of extremely similar polish shades around, so I'll warn you now that if you do already own a similar shade and like the formula of it, then you can skip this as there is really nothing new on offer here - just a tune-up on a classic shade.

I do prefer the formula of Lookin' Gore-geous to the near-dupes that I own, so I feel that I still can recommend this shade; the formula is a fantastic one coater if you apply a thicker coat, though I do recommend two thinner coats for a better wear time. The formula is neither too thick or too thin, has great pigmentation, it is smooth, even and non-streaky to apply, it dries quickly, and I've not experienced any staining [I always wear a basecoat]. 

I'm probably going to go ahead and purge my other plum creme polishes in the near future, as I'll likely keep turning to this one since the formula is so good to work with.

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