Sunday, 24 September 2017

NOTD: Do You, Boo! by China Glaze...

Do You, Boo! is one of the six new shades in the 2017 Halloween collection 'Happily Never After', and it is the only glitter topper on offer this year (the other topper on offer in this collection is a shimmer one). 

As we've started this year's breakdown of reviews for the China Glaze Halloween collection by focusing on the basic creme shade, I thought that I'd follow with reviews for the two toppers meant to be paired with it. 
We'll be looking at the shimmer topper next, but for now Do You, Boo! is taking it's turn under the spotlight...

Do You, Boo! is made up of hex glitter in gold and black hex shapes, plus gold and black bar glitter pieces too. All of this glitter is scattered in a clear base, so this shade is made for layering over other polishes. It looks especially good over the plum creme shade that is also in the Happily Never After collection [Lookin' Gore-geous], which is what I'm using as the base in these photos. Other darker base shades [eg blue, green, and red] should also work well with this, although I'd avoided going too deep, as that will hide the black glitter.

Despite the glitter chunks this polish is easy to apply, leaving no bubbles or streaks and I was impressed with the drying time. Plus it dries pretty smoothly too - a good topcoat leave more or less totally smooth the slight texture out. Being a bit of a glitter bomb it does take a little bit more effort to remove, but that's to be expected from a glitter polish. 

I've got no outright complaints with the look or formula with Do You, Boo! itself, but it is similar to Rest In Pieces [Apocalypse Of Color 2014] once applied, so I don't think that this is a must-have topper to get if you have the former. I'll still wear this since the glitter-to-base ratio is really nice, but if I lost my bottle tomorrow I wouldn't mind, as I do have Rest In Pieces and tbh I prefer the sparser glitter of it a teensy bit more - it looks neater on the nail.

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