Monday, 4 September 2017

I wanted the Kylie look, but did I get it? The I Want It All palette, by Kylie Cosmetics...

The I Want It All palette [also known as the Birthday Book] is a limited edition eye/cheek palette that is currently still in stock on the Kylie Cosmetics site, from Kylie's 2017  birthday collection. Since the brand's limited edition products come and go very quickly, I'm not going to hang around and blather on - instead lets  dive right into the swatches and my review before it sells out, as that's what you came here for...

In the palette you get nine powder eyeshadows; Birthday Girl (satin shimmering champagne), Buttercream Frosting (matte warm cream), 1942 (matte warm taupe), Forever Young (matte warm soft pink), The New Black (matte bright pink), New Year, New Me (metallic red plum), Party Time (matte light dusty mauve), Celebrate (metallic golden brown) and Midnight (matte black). 

The palette shares the same layout as the Valentine's palette, with that in addition to the eyeshadows you also get a light pink blush in a matte finish [Cheers] and a shimmering light pink highlighter [Confetti].

The shadows are okay in that they are pretty & complimentary shades, there isn't too much fallout [though the matte shades are a bit more powdery compared to the other two Kylie palettes I own] and the blendability has greatly improved over past palettes from the brand that I've tried. However, after falling for glossy images of models and Jenner wearing what is supposed to be these shadows online, I've found myself underwhelmed when I saw the shades once I got the palette in front of me as the shades look different in real life; not only did the Kylie's Diary (valentine's day 2017) palette contain a couple of very similar shades, but Too Faced released their Funfetti eyeshadow palette a few months ago and that has the same theme and pink-and-neutral colour range as I Want It All [they both even have the same kind of matte light pink shades with the same shade name - Forever Young. It might be coincidence, but this is the second Too Faced palette this 'coincidence' has happened with]. 

Also; the black shade [Midnight] has iffy pigmentation, so applies as a grey and it is a bit patchy, and New Year New Me doesn't apply as vivid as it looks in the pan either.

I like the barely-there fresh look, feel and wear of the blush as I can be heavy handed with blush, so I like barely-there ones to save me from myself. However I
 have this basic Dandelion-alike shade over and over, so am not too wowed with another one. I have fair skin, and I'm not sure how the 'meh' pigmentation would hold up on people who aren't quite so ghostly, since it does apply lighter then it looks in the pan - it doesn't even show up in my photos. 

I don't like the amount of shimmer in the highlighter, though I loved how glowy it appeared at first; I've noticed that the heavy shimmer creates a greyish cast to my skin in some lighting, and I dislike how the shimmer would fall down my face over the day. I haven't worn it again, and don't think I will wear it again in the future, since it's messy and doesn't wear as long as most of my other highlighters.

The price you see on screen is already too much for the hit-or-miss product quality, and then there is shipping, and tax & customs to be added = we're going past the mid level price range and going into high-level territory, which is a level of quality that this palette just not does not have; Chanel, Dior, YSL etc can back their paying-for-the-name beauty ranges up with top-notch quality, but Kylie Cosmetics can't. I wish that I'd gone for Funfetti instead of I Want It All, as I only got I Want It All to recreate the makeup look Jenner wears in the main 'Birthday Collection' image on the Kylie Cosmetics site, which I can't do as the shadows look different. Funfetti has more shadows in (it's a 12 pan palette) and costs less - after adding tax and shipping in for I Want It All, Funfetti is under half the price of this palette, and I could have just gone to a store and bought it, so I wouldn't have had to wait almost a fortnight for it to ship. Funfetti doesn't contain any cheek products, but the ones you get here are either 'meh or 'pass', so no loss there IMO.

 Alas; once you place an order on the Kylie Cosmetics site, that's it - no cancelling or returns. The palette in my photos is the replacement one (see below) and I've never reached for it - I feel uninspired and cheated by the differences between official photos and the true shades. I think that I'm going to end up giving this palette to my Kylie-mad cousin, if I don't find myself reaching for it soon...

* When I recieved my first I Want It All palette the highlighter was shattered, so I emailed a photo to them and asked for a replacement; they replied within an hour, saying that they would arrange a one-off replacement, and they did so. They even paid the shipping and custom taxes for me, so the parcel was delivered straight to my door, instead of me having to go to the postal center and pay custom charges. I had issues with the customer service last year, but there has clearly been a huge improvement. 

[Kylie Cosmetics say that she is wearing New Year New Me, The New Black, & Midnight in this photo. I'm wearing those shades in my pics - see what I mean about colour differences?]

You can order the I Want It All palette from the official Kylie Cosmetics site for $54 - international shipping is $15 or free when you spend over $60, so you might as well order a gloss and take advantage of the free shipping.

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