Thursday, 1 September 2016

The sweetest poison: Poison Girl edp by Christian Dior...

I want to give Poison Girl a shout out as I'm going to be looking at a lower-cost alternate fragrance in a upcoming blog post, so I want to lay down my opinion on this first. 
I have several other reviews in progress so you'll have to forgive that this one is a bit rushed, but the other day I suddenly decided to get it posted before my almost-finished perfume review is put out...

First things first; despite what the name suggests, I think that Poison Girl is more adult than tweeny. It's a gourmand fragrance that is very popular in the under 21 market, only I think it is more suited for those of us in the 25+ crowd. On me the fragrance is centered around a comforting nutty/vanilla warmth, that is accompanied with a long note of slightly bitter orange note that tones down the sweetness a bit in the opening. 

As the tangy fruit fades into the background, the heart of the fragrance begins to develop; the heart is centered around a timeless powdered floral mix of rose, and what I think is orange blossom, and possibly magnolia too for a vintage feel. There is patchouli amongst the florals as well, for another sweet/sour contrast like there is with the gourmand notes.

Creamy sandalwood and an airy musk provide the standout notes in the backdrop as the fragrance gradually goes closer to the skin. The patchouli outlives the floral notes, so remains on the skin, mingling with the creamy wood notes and vanilla for a final jolt.

Official scent notes: Sicilian orange, May rose, Damascus rose. Venezuelan tonka bean, sandalwood, tolu balm, almond and vanilla.

I wouldn't wear Poison Girl in hotter weather as patchouli is a headache-trigger. Plus the excellent longevity [9+ hours] and the sensation of warmth that is created by the creamy sweetness in the scent notes can be too much for migraine-prone me; I've made the mistake of wearing this perfume on warm, sunny days, and have been left with banging migraines as a result. I'd say this is definitely a fragrance for autumn/winter.

Poison Girl reminds me a bit of the kinds of 'celeb scents' I review (eg Ari and Mad Love) so it should be something that I think of as boring, but it isn't. I suppose it's the higher quality of ingredients and the expert way the makers blended the sweeter notes in with the bitter ones, but this was a fragrance that I merrily spurged on after one test. Bonus; when I wear Poison Girl I get a resemblance to YSL Black Opium, minus the intensity the coffee gives the former - so Poison Girl is a great alternative for us migraine sufferers who like Black Opium, but struggle to wear it.

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