Monday, 19 September 2016

Is it good enough to make public? [Private Show edp by Britney spears]...

It's not cool for an almost-33 old to admit, but I've been looking forward to getting to try the new Britney Spears perfume release as it contains coffee, which made me wonder if it would be similar to YSL Black Opium - which I love, but can't wear as it triggers my migraines. 
Was the wait worth it for me, or should Private Show really be called Fantasy: Part 14?
I barely detect the fruits, just a faint whiff of sweet citrus, and then they fade into the background - though they are still there when I can no longer detect them, as there are scent notes helping to break-down and freshen up the sweetness of the heart notes of the fragrance. 

Private Show is all about the cream, the vanilla-caramel based warmth of the dulce de leche, and powdery white florals. I love that the cream accord is realistically fresh and not sugared, like most other mass-produced fragrances. The  vanilla/caramel mix of the dulce de leche also manages to be sweet, but again it doesn't seem too sugary - dulce de leche is sugar and milk, so I'm not sure how he perfumers managed to make the fragrance not too sugary, but they've pulled it off nicely. The florals smell similar to those in the first Britney Spears fragrance, so I'm thinking that there is some cyclamen, magnolia and possibly tuberose in here. 

There seems to be a undertone of something nutty/milky in the base that I first thought was coconut, but after wearing the perfume a bunch of  times  I'm no longer sure what the note is - maybe it IS coconut, and I've become used to it, so don't notice it as much? As the woody notes, and light hint of coffee, begin to come through, they add more of a 'adult' feel to the fragrance as they mix with the powdery florals. 

Longevity and sillage seem good: nothing amazingly great, but I get a very respectable seven hours average of wear - it goes close to the skin after around 4 hours though, so some people may want to top it up then. It's all up to personal preference.

Official scent notes: Clementine, nectarine, coffee, whipped cream, dulce de leche, orange blossom, sambac jasmine, amber and sensual musk.

Private Show is a mass-release that follows the standard fruity/floral/gourmand blueprint that most fragrances aimed at the under 25 crowd do, so I should find it boring, but I don't; maybe it's because it's made by Elizabeth Arden perfumers who use a higher-quality-then-is-usual-for-this-price-point level of ingredients, and they've avoided the overly sugared sensation. I must also applaud the whipped cream note - so fresh and airy.  And I enjoy the lighter hints of coffee, as normally coffee accords in perfumes are too strong for me to wear, but this is great for me - a fantastic fragrance for transitioning into colder weather.

I get a strong resemblance to Dior Poison Girl [which in turn reminds me of YSL Black Opium] with this perfume. So if you enjoy either of those fragrances,
 you'll probably be very happy with Private Show - a similar perfume, for less than half the price.

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