Thursday, 8 September 2016

The Prowl: Halloween 2016 collection by China Glaze...

I'd started to worry that China Glaze wouldn't be releasing a nail polish collection is year, as photos and swatches usually begin circulating for it mid-summer, but we've had to wait til now for our first glimpse at the 2016 collection.

As usual it's the folks over at ChicProfile who have gotten the first look at the latest offerings. But the question is was the wait worth it, or has the time come for me to stop being excited over China Glaze's Halloween collections?

Vamp up the glam with the new China Glaze The Prowl Halloween 2016 Collection of purrfectly fierce shades
And the shades for 2016 are...
Salsa [red creme]
Liquid Leather [black creme]
Orange Knockout [neon orange satin]
Concrete Catwalk [grey creme]
White on White [white creme]
Evening Seduction [plum creme]

China Glaze have gone all OPI on us. No, I can't even say that because at least OPI rename their limp offerings...

How utterly disappointing. All six shades are repromotes, and they didn't even pick popular shades to bring back - just boring cremes, and a satin, that aren't hard to find in the first place. 

Total let-down; they only released their last neon pumpkin-esque shade for Halloween last year. And  I've had White on White before and hated it - I tried painting the nails of one hand, failed because of the crappy formula, and I just threw the polish straight out. And  I already have dupes of everything on offer, so I'll be skipping this collection.

China Glaze will also be releasing three sets for this collection. But they were meant to have two sets last year and I've never seen either one anywhere, so who knows? The Prowl collection will be released this month, but I'm not sure if UK sites will even bother, since they already sell the shades anyway. 
The entire China Glaze The Prowl collection shades in mini bottles of 3.6 ml

Salsa, Liquid Leather & Matte Magic Top Coat

White On White, Concrete Catwalk & Ardell Lashes [in 385]

For more info [and pics] for the shades in this year's Halloween collection, I'll direct you to makeupalley...

Liquid Leather
Orange Knockout
Concrete Catwalk
White on White
Evening Seduction

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