Saturday, 24 September 2016

The Bargain Hunter: £1.87 concealer...

Pale girl makeup + Korean beauty products + bargain prices = an exciting episode of The Bargain Hunter...

The concealer I'm showing you today comes in two shades; #130 and #140.

With no other information to go on, I assumed that as #130 is the lower number it'd also be the lighter shade, and that was the one I ended up picking. When I recieved my parcel and first opened the tub I thought that the concealer was too dark, but it seems to melt into my skin and blend in very well with my porcelain skintone. So if you don't have fairer skin, I don't see this product as suitable for you...

Remember the Revlon Photoready concealer stick? That is what the texture and concealment level of this reminds me of; sort of solid cream, but light and airv like a mousse. In the below photos you can see that does conceal undereye circles, mild redness and the beginnings of blemishes, but major skin discolouration [around my chin] is too much for it to fully cover.

1                                                 2

Photo 1 is my skin without any makeup [I am wearing Nivea Men Post Shave Balm [sensitive formula] as a primer; NikkieTutorials recommended it in one of her videos, and it works well with my dry skin. In photo 2 my skin is still bare, except for the concealer; I applied it around my eyes, up the sides of my nose, around my mouth, and across my cheeks.

In photo 3 I applied my foundation [yep - I can see that my new foundation is currently too light] over the concealer, and in photo 4 you can see the final look; after adding life to my skin by setting the concealer with a light powder, contour, highlight and blush (I'm a all or nothing kind of girl)...

3                                                4   

I've not edited the photos; it's the magic Skin Perfecter foundation by Jay Manuel Beauty.

The concealer can be bought here from Amazon UK for £1.87  [free shipping], with a choice of two shades.
Delivery took 3 weeks [from Korea to the UK].

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