Monday, 12 September 2016

Lets compare... Tarte eye & cheek palettes [the Be Your Own Tarteist palette vs the Swamp Queen palette]...

I only posted my review for Tarte's QVC-exclusive Be Your Own Tarteist eye and cheek palette a few days ago, and in it I said that I'd ordered it because the shades picked for it reminded me of the ones used in the Swamp Queen one. I did order the Swamp Queen palette when it was launched, but it arrived all smashed (I did send Sephora photo evidence of the damage on my phone, but no longer have the pics) and the dark brown shadow and glittery highlight were the most damaged, so the microglitter and dark pigment got over everything else = all of the shades are half-powder that apply with a muddy tone, and there is glitter that spreads everywhere all over the palette. I'm whining, aren't I? Anyway I was happy enough with my Be Your Own Tarteist palette, but the other day I got a email saying that there was a new listing for one of my followed searches on eBay...

... A new & boxed Swamp Queen palette was on buy-it-now for £45 + free postage, so of course I needed to order it quick sharp, because after shipping and tax I ended up paying around £55 for it on Sephora, so this seemed like a bargain that couldn't be missed. As I can now compare the palettes side by side fairly, I thought that it'd be interesting to look at some swatches from my Be Your Own Tarteist palette, and show them against what I thought might be their equivalent shades in the Swamp Queen palette, to see how far off I was [or how close] in my thinking that the shades were similar.

Lets dive in, shall we?

Swamp Queen

Sweet tea [bronzer with microglitter, #SFS [rose gold shimmer eyeshadow], Natural Peaches [peachy nude matte eyeshadow], Dogman [burnt sienna microglitter eyeshadow],  Does This Thing Really Work? [shimmering pink blush], Big Baby [cream matte eyeshadow], Sassy Bun [copper/peach shimmer eyeshadow], Sippy Sippy [glittery brown eyeshadow], Gator Wings [shimmery highlighter with microglitter], Haunting [lavender with microglitter eyeshadow], Uncommon [shimmering purple slate eyeshadow], Mancat matte deep plum eyeshadow]

Be Your Own Tarteist

Champagne Wishes (champagne gold shimmer eyeshadow), Bouquets Of Orchids (matte lilac eyeshadow), As Good As They Plum (plum matte eyeshadow), Sensational (matte pink blush), Neutral Beauty (peachy beige matte eyeshadow), Pretty Penny (shimmery golden copper eyeshadow), Beyond Bronze (bronze shimmer eyeshadow)

First of is the blushes; I know that the one in Be Your Own Tarteist [Sensational] has a matte finish, whilst the one in Swamp Queen [Does This Thing Really Work?] has golden e shimmer in, but I do think that the pink base is similar - the golden shimmer makes Does This Thing Really Work? look warmer in the swatch pic, but in real life they look much closer.

These are the closest matches I discovered - the skin-tone nude mattes. The shade in Be Your Own Tarteist [Neutral Beauty] has a touch more peachy undertone in the pan, whilst the one in Swamp Queen [Big Baby] has a whiter undertone. However once on the skin they look almost identical.  Maybe it's my skintone that nullifies the undertones?

I love a neutral(ish) shimmer on my lids to perk up my eyes and make my deep-set eyes look more alert, and I got some lovely new options with these palettes - they also stand out in their palettes quality-wise. The shadow in Be Your Own Tarteist lives up to it's name [Champagne Wishes] by being a sparkly champagne shade. The shade in Swamp Queen [#SFS] is just as shimmery and neutral, but has a warmer rose gold tone.

Ah; when I want to add colour to my eyes, purple is a favourite of mine, so getting two purple tones in Be Your Own Tarteist [Bouquet Of Orchids & As Good As They Plum] was very welcome.  Out of the three purple-toned shades in Swamp Queen none looked the same, and out of the two closest shades [Haunting & Mancat], the lightest one has a different (a slight drop of microglitter) finish to it, and has even more of a neutral base to it. Out of the darker shades, the one in Be Your Own Tarteist is easier to work with - the Swamp Queen one isn't bad, it just has a bit more fallout.

I love the fact that the bronzy brown shades are warm, but not too warm - what I call sepia warm. The darkest brown in Swamp Queen [Sippy Sippy] is my least favourite shadow out of both palettes, as it is full of microglitter -some of the other products in Swamp Queen also contain glitter, but nowhere near as much, so it's the darkest shade in Be Your Own Tarteist [Beyond Bronze] that wins it for me. The other Swamp Queen swatch I have to show you [Sassy Bun] is a shimmery copper like the Be Your Own Tarteist counterpart [Pretty Penny], but I prefer it to the other one, as it has a peachy undertone rather than a golden one.

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