Wednesday, 25 November 2015

NOTD: I'm In The Moon For Love OPI...

Since I've already reviewed three of the four Starlight collection shades I bought from QVC, I thought I'd finish of the month by reviewing the final shade that came in the set. 

I'm In The Moon For Love is the shade that made me pick the QVC set (link below) I did, as I love a good purple polish shade. So this is the shade that had the most to live up to, but did it deliver?

I'm In The Moon For Love is a plum shade. I'm not sure if it's best to describe it as shimmery or pearlescent, but when you look at the polish you can see that there is a slightly metallic sheen to the formula. The formula is good; it only takes 2 coats to become fully opaque, it doesn't streak and self-levels fine, and it dries quickly.

Hmm. I do like this shade and I'm sure that I will get use out of my bottle so don't regret picking the set I got, but this polish doesn't look like what I thought I was getting, and - whilst pretty - it just doesn't wow me on the nails; the sheen to the formula is muted on the nail, and the polish dries on the dull side so there is no where near as much glow to the shade, like there is to Ro-Man-Ce On The Moon [which has the same formula].

Overall; if you love purple nail polish, then you'll enjoy I'm In The Moon For Love. But if you don't love the shade, I'd recommend looking elsewhere for a more 'wow' shade for the festive season, as what you see in the bottle isn't exactly what you get on the nail.

The Starlight collection is available wherever OPI polishes are sold.
The QVC set I bought which contains I'm In The Moon For Love costs £36, and you get 4 polishes and 4 treatments.

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